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"US Announces Another $90 Million in Aid to Gaza"

"Samantha Power, the USAID administrator, announced the additional $90 million on the same day that the Pentagon said the temporary pier will cost $90 million less than projected."

"IDF secures US humanitarian pier, kills Hamas terrorists throughout Gaza Strip"

"The pier's reestablishment is expected to allow the continued delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza in the coming days."

Revision Aids

The horrific upside down world of

podcast interview with people blocking to who believes government instead of the international community

They block lifesaving aid to children and other civilians. Do they have hearts It's very hard to believe they do.

Yeah, there's never a single number that tells the whole story. I work in international aid, and we combine a range of quantitative metrics with qualitative data (aka actually talking to people) and experienced human interpretation to try to build a reasonably-complete picture of needs.

Even then, when markets are operating (e.g. not a conflict zone or natural disaster), there's growing evidence that just giving affected people money works better than in-kind aid.

repaired, to resume , says
US & reattached a floating pier to the coastline Fri, ofcls said, as the prepares to resume ops.Vice Adm Brad Cooper, a snr US military officer overseeing the mission, said deliveries of food & other badly needed supplies will begin in coming days. The first will include 500k pounds of aid, w/thousands of tons more in the pipeline behind it.

Despite Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the Japan External Trade Organization hopes to aid the reconstruction of Ukraine's economy by backing moves among Japanese and Ukrainian companies to bolster ties.

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Congrats that's great to hear! I'm about the same age as you, but following the opposite path, starting as an associate prof from age 27 to 32 before leaving for tech and then international aid (and I'm just as happy with my choices I have much more to offer here than I did in the academy).

"The state department falsified a report earlier this month to absolve Israel of responsibility for blocking humanitarian aid flows into Gaza, overruling the advice of its own experts, according to a former senior US official who resigned this week."

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White House in silencing dissent. They are totally on the side of genocide!!!!

Alex Smith, a US official who quit his role at the US Agency for International Aid this week, hit out at the head of the agency Samantha Power for failing to call out Israel for blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza.

From May 7 to May 20, not a single WFP truck crossed from the southern corridors of Egypt into Rafah or into the central areas.

An Israeli strike killed three family members travelling by car in central Gazas Nuseirat. The people killed ran a kitchen providing free meals for Gazas displaced.

The state department falsified a report earlier this month to absolve of responsibility for blocking humanitarian aid flows into Gaza, overruling the advice of its own experts, according to a former senior US official who resigned this week.

The US state department falsified a report earlier this month to absolve Israel of responsibility for blocking humanitarian aid flows into Gaza, overruling the advice of its own experts, according to Stacey Gilbert, a former senior US official who resigned this week.
Gilbert had been one of the departments subject matter experts who drafted the report mandated under national security memorandum 20 (NSM-20) and published on 10 May.

The Israeli military has lifted a ban on the sale of food to Gaza from Israel and the occupied West Bank as its battlefield offensive chokes international aid, sources say.

Why can't get into , another episode:

Video first spotted by

A sobering view by a knowledgeable expert on why the "" on the beach of Gaza is just a sad, already broken show piece and not capable of facilitating the delivery of a substantial amount of aid at all.

reopens sales as raid chokes

The Israeli military has lifted a ban on the sale of food to Gaza from Israel & the occupied as its battlefield offensive chokes international aid, acc/to officials, businessmen (sic) & international aid workers.

US Claims New Gaza Port Doesnt Exist, Calls It a Mirage

which reminds me of the complete ignorance of the fact that they literally did that when the convois were supposed to pass through but then decided to just start shooting at the border crossing...

Cortana Voice "Left out that little detail, didn't they"

"Over the next two days, the pier will be pulled from the beach and sent to the southern Israeli city of Ashdod, where U.S. Central Command will repair it, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters. She said the fixes will take at least over a week and then the pier will need to be anchored back into the beach in Gaza.

From when it was operational, it was working, and we just had sort of an unfortunate confluence of weather storms that made it inoperable for a bit, Singh said. Hopefully just a little over a week, we should be back up and running."

You can read that against this: which is before this pier went to pieces.

(or lack thereof)

There once was a deal most profound,
Spain's support for Ukraine was found,
A billion in aid,
For the military trade,
In defense, their commitment is sound.

: groups horrified by Israeli strike on camp housing in

At least 35 people died according to Palestinian medics. s army said it struck a Hamas compound in Rafah killing senior Hamas officials and that the incident is under review

Distributing entails more than just simply bringing in trucks into the Gaza Strip.

Humanitarian assistance is a really complex echo system of activities that we need to legitimise throughout that whole chain. It is not just about crossing the border it is about moving supplies around the border, its about having humanitarian workers who are safe, able to treat people, able to distribute food safely and to be able themselves to have somewhere to live."
Doctors Without Borders

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Our analysis of reported data identifies at least 80 separate attacks by on in since January. The frequency and widespread nature of these attacks suggests that Israel is systematically targeting aid. Reports indicate at least 37 attacks on civilians seeking aid, all near the Israeli-controlled checkpoints on Salah al-Din Street and al-Rashid Street.

How to rationalize and defend a :

Some think they "must" , destroying food & medical supplies, because starving civilians in would surely bring hostages home.

We would prefer that we dont have to do the blockages, honestly, Ariel said.

I dont like ransacking things. Its not one of my favourite hobbies. But we prefer that to the death of our friends and family, which is what happens the longer this war drags on."

What is also being ignored is the of - not just but also their deliberate attack on when was about to enter - but also that the Hamas leadership is wanted as well...

is the shortest path from to Coughlan.

"Pentagon: Over 1 million pounds of aid reaches Gaza via U.S. pier"

Yes, the same pier that some Gazans tried to stop from being built:

As a part of the $95B aid bills, authorized $60.8B worth of various forms of to , including $8B worth of presidential drawdown authority items.

While the package mainly includes munitions, it also includes vehicles that are designed to recover disabled tanks & other heavy equipment from the battlefield, a sign that the expects attacks & equipment losses to continue.

The is preparing a $275M package for , which will include 155mm artillery shells, precision aerial munitions & ground vehicles.

The weapons aid, which could be announced as soon as Fri, will utilize Presidential Drawdown Authority, which authorizes the president to transfer articles & services from US stocks w/o specific congressional approval during an emergency.

is an amateur, is a pro.

Because Hamas controls the global narrative through its propaganda operatives, photographers, journalists, freelancers tightly entrenched in AP, Reuters, UPI, and other global media giants that provide all the news for lower satellite agencies.

"Why Wont Media Give a Platform to Gazans Who Oppose Hamas"

"Hamas isnt only Israels problem. Many Gazans are angry at being sacrificed by a terrorist organization that steals their aid"

"Gaza aid pier mission involving US troops is off to a chaotic start"

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Exclusive: Members of s security forces are tipping off to the location of trucks delivering supplies to , enabling the groups to block & vandalise the convoys.


Individual members of s security forces are tipping off far-right activists and settlers to the location of delivering vital supplies to , enabling the groups to block and the , according to multiple sources

The claim of collusion by members of the security forces is supported by messages from internal internet chat groups reviewed by the Guardian as well as accounts from a number of witnesses and human rights activists