to April 2024An effort to ship

to April 2024
An effort to ship humanitarian supplies to Gaza and bring about a ceasefire

We are calling on countries around the world to pressure to
allow us free and safe passage to deliver much-needed
to the Gaza Strip, says Medea Benjamin, co-founder of

Hundreds of participants from 32 are now gathered in Turkey, to sail on three ships to Gaza, carrying 5,500 tons of humanitarian aid.

A sweeping foreign aid package easily passed the U.S. Congress late Tuesday after months of delay, clearing the way for fresh Ukraine funding amid advances from Russia's invasion force and Kyiv's shortages of military supplies.

An expected Israeli assault on Rafah has aid groups scrambling for ways to help the 1.5 million civilians sheltering in the south Gaza city.

I sent an article describing this mission last week. Have been following up for any developments, as it strikes me as "mission impossible".
Today, "informed Comment" have published this article. What the Freedom Flotilla" are doing is truly impressive. I just hope it materializes and doesn't end up in a slaughter of aid workers. Israeli forces have a knack for killing aid workers, health workers, journalists, civilians, children. Anything non-Zionist

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Pain leaving me in bed. Went into ER, followed up with pain specialist. I had an MRI the 21st.
No vehicle. No bus. Rely on friends and Lyft.
Bad HVAC and insulation.
Bad electrical outlets.
Bad plumbing.
Bad roof.
Water damaged floors.
SNAP benefits haven't renewed yet.
Mom's unable to help recovering from chemo and radiation.
Waiting on SSI.
Need food delivery.
In college.

Still need to pay for

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Periodic reminder: there's no such thing as "military aid."

Even if you believe they're justified, military subsidies for a government or other armed group fail all four of the :

  1. Humanity
  2. Neurality
  3. Impartiality
  4. Operational Independence

When you try to pass proxy warfare off as "aid," you put real aid and aid workers in (even more) jeopardy.

Revision Aids

After crippling weapons shortage, how significant is new US aid package
Apr 22, 2024
Ukraine's foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba has called on his European Union counterparts to step up their commitments to Kyiv's war effort, to prevent what he described as 'worst-case scenarios.'
Many EU foreign and defense ministers meeting in Luxembourg expressed relief over the US House of Representatives approving a massive foreign aid package for Ukraine over the weekend. But the EU ministers stopped short of pledging more Patriot air defense systems as has been urgently requested by Kyiv.

Live: US Senate to vote on wartime aid package for Israel, Gaza

has yet to provide of staff terrorist links, report says

Exclusive: Review finds government has yet to substantiate claims UN relief agency staff have ties to or

Israel still has no proof of Unrwa terrorist claims but damage to agency is done'

is rethinking of hashtagplaying.

Still nothing so far, and I got even more bills piling on now than ever.

Still pushing for $300 immediately, than an additional $700 by 5/1 for the turn-of-the-month utility bills and rent.

Any help appreciated.

Links here:

Too bad about the part supporting .

package for passes House

Its long overdue America, but well done on funding Ukraine. Putin should never be allowed to win. If you can shut Taylor Green up too wed really appreciate it

In a Flash of Guilt: Congress Finally Sends More Aid to Ukraine, House Republicans Apologize to Putin for the Delay

The House of Representatives has finally approved billions of dollars in new for to help combat 's invasion

The much-delayed measure had vocal opponents in and it took a fragile bipartisan deal to get the $61bn (49bn) package through

said more than a third would be dedicated to replenishing weapons and ammunition

President Volodymyr described the support as "vital"

"USAID, UNs World Food Program to help US distribute aid in Gaza via sea route"

"America working on temporary pier for aid transfer after strike that killed WCK workers leaves humanitarian groups needing greater assurance"

If you are interested in helping someone leave Gaza, consider donating to help get Basil Hararah's family out.

Hallelujah, the House finally passed to !

"House approves bill to divest TikTok, freeze Russian assets"

"The legislation, meant to act as a sweetener for Republicans to consider foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, overwhelmingly passed the chamber."

: The US House of Representatives has approved sending $60.8bn (49bn) in foreign to . Democrats and Republicans joined together after months of deadlock over renewed American support to help Ukraine fend off Russia's invasion. Representatives could be seen waving small Ukrainian flags as it became clear the package was going to pass.
- Source:


Still need $300 right now for overdue/past due bills but also have end-of-the-month utility/rent rush coming in. Plus, my 60th Birthday Week (5/7 to 5/15) is also upcoming.

New long-term goal is $1,000.

Any help appreciated.

On the subject of getting aid through, this one's from James Elder, UNICEF global spokesperson.

US House pushes ahead with $95bn foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

Coalition of lawmakers helped legislation clear procedural hurdle to reach final votes, following opposition from rightwing Republicans

"Currently docked in Istanbul, the boat will carry 800 people from over 30 nations, from Indonesia to Hawaii, and is expected to transport 5500 tonnes of aid to Gaza once it sets sail from Turkey in the coming days."
"The activists joining the Akdeniz will be mindful of a previous fatal attempt by a vessel of comparable size to set sail from Turkey to Gaza."

Good luck to them because they're going to need it.

The *lawmakers* won their seats on the as part of a deal made by fmr speaker , who haggled w/ opposing his leadership & only agreed to back him after he gave them critical leverage. They refused to support the measure to bring up the package bc it wouldnt allow a vote on security they prioritize over .

The rebellion left to bail out , so they can get something done.

will all but certainly have to provide the votes on the floor to approve the rule & allow the package to be brought up, again lending their support in another unorthodox vote in the face of infighting.

The rule is critical to s plan to push the package thru the , as it separates aid to Israel & Ukraine, which are supported by different coalitions, but then it folds them together w/o requiring lawmakers to cast an up-or-down vote on the entire bill.

took a critical step late Thurs night toward bringing up the long-stalled foreign bill for , after being forced to rely on Democrat votes to move a plan to consider it out of a key cmte & onto the floor.

The 9-to-3 vote in the critical was an early step in the convoluted process the is expected to go through over the next couple of days to approve the $95B aid package.

rescue to try to get a bill vote on the floor

In a spasm of anger, 3 on the , which controls what comes to the floor, refused to back rule needed to bring up the bill, putting it on track to die in cmte. But every Democrat on the panel stepped in to save it in extraordinary breach of custom.

spoke to his Israeli counterpart, , Thurs afternoon, about regional threats & s destabilizing actions in the , the press sec said in a stmnt.

They also spoke about the importance of increasing & sustaining the flow of to in , including via the new route from Ashdod Port in .

A snr US ofcl on Thurs night declined to say whether gave any advance warning of an impending strike.

"American money ear-marked for PA security used to pay families of terrorists from Jenin - report"

"The US had all but ceased providing funds for the PA after implementing the 2017 Taylor Force Act, which blocked all funding for the PA general budget."

its not about showing the world that you stand by your friends. Its about showing everyone who thinks the US are too weak to stand against him, he is wrong. Because otherwise Alaska might be at stake next.

New report by Independent Commission for Aid Impact raises some huge red flags re aid investments in India.

British International Investment
needs to explain why some funds reached cosmetic companies & websites funding hate. It must ensure that future aid focuses on poverty reduction, democracy & inclusion.

while UK aid to India is taking steps to improve poverty focus, some investments pose major reputational risks

The turns a portion of the , the money sent directly to , into a * * & is endorsed by . It also includes just over $9B in aid for , the , Ukraine & other places in need, which have demanded as a condition of any support from them.
signaled Wed evening that there would probably be an amendment to the package to strip the , which he said he has concerns with.
the good *Christian*

in signs of trouble late Wed, the Rules Cmte failed to approve the bill because 3 on the panel Reps , , & refused to support it, meaning the panel adjourned w/o action. Democrats have no interest in backing the border proposal.
The 3 separate bills that fund for , & largely mirror the $95B -passed supplemental.

leadership announced that the would stay in session until Sat to consider the bills.
good friggin luck
The new approach is risky & is already blowing up on the speaker, whois being threatened by to invoke a motion to vacate to topple if he puts on the floor, something to which many aka consumers of & lackeys object.