The Israeli forces have prevented 3,000

The Israeli forces have prevented 3,000 aid trucks from entering Gaza in the past two weeks, according to a statement by the Gaza media office.

The office said in a statement on Telegram that the army has also prevented 690 sick and wounded people from travelling abroad for treatment as the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings stay closed for the 13th day in a row.

ask who attacked and thus prevented from coming in...


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More good news for Gaza's Hamas terrorist government.

"Austria says will resume funding to UNRWA, but a lot of trust has been squandered"

"Vienna says it analyzed refugee agencys action plan after Israeli allegations of employees involvement on Oct. 7 says some cash will go to improve internal control mechanisms"

Medical Workers Evacuated From Gaza, but 3 Americans Refuse to Leave

The State Department Says Israel Isnt Blocking Aid. Videos Show the Opposite.

No let-up in Israeli attacks on Jabalia, Rafah

The Israeli military is still operating aggressively in the north of Gaza with large-scale air strikes and attacks. That includes the Jabalia refugee camp where attacks are ongoing.

In Rafah city, the Israeli military is pushing deeper into the central parts with overnight attacks on residential homes in Barbara refugee camp.


Speaking about bizarre:

20240518 - unknown place - Ultra-Orthodox female settler blocked aid from going into while holding her baby

The hospital system in Gaza has all but collapsed. We have paediatricians in field hospitals in Gaza who said that they are seeing cases of malnutrition. They are seeing hepatitis, jaundice, gastroenteritis. These are horrific challenges facing children. And we just do not have supplies or enough personnel to deal with this.

Alexandra Saieh, head of humanitarian policy and advocacy at Save the Children International

"There are 100s of trucks of aid NOW still waiting at the border for Israel to allow them in."

Alexandra Saieh, head of humanitarian policy and advocacy at Save the Children International

"All of the predictions about the consequences of an operation in Rafah are coming true.

There is almost no food left and humanitarian efforts are stuck.

The world has lost its way and needs to return to the norms we created."

Martin Griffiths, the UNs undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs

"Aid delivery begins in Gaza through US military pier
The UN World Food "

"Programme will have a handful of staff stationed near the pier to coordinate distribution of the aid - using contractors - throughout Gaza, said a UN official said."

Reading about the US Trident Pier built to help Gaza get supplies.

"Blinken announces upcoming $2 billion tranche of military aid for Ukraine "

Since yesterday, as much as 500 tons of aid have rolled into Gaza across a newly constructed floating pier installed by the US military to deliver food and supplies to UN humanitarian groups while keeping US and foreign troops from actually crossing onto Palestinian land.

William Beveridge, Anglican minister, writes on serving God alone. Thus, he talks of serving the poor. Because God promised to provide for the poor, and says what done to them is to Him, then it is testimony to His honor and faithfulness.

This is simply Matthew 25. Do we seek to honor God and seek honor for him all the while being conscientious objectors to his commands

Who can you help today

Biden So Colorblind, He Fails to See His Own Red Lines

Barbaric: lorry drivers recount attack on convoy

escorting convoy accused of doing nothing to stop widely condemned incident'

A group of 20 prominent human rights organisations has issued a statement denouncing the failure of world leaders to act even as Israels invasion of Rafah worsens the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

The statement said third countries have the responsibility to urgently act in bringing to an end, and pursue accountability for the grave breaches of international humanitarian law taking place in Gaza.

UN food agencys supplies in Gaza will run out in a matter of days.

Palestinians gather to receive food cooked by a charity kitchen, amid shortages of aid supplies, after Israeli forces launched a ground and air operation in the eastern part of Rafah, on May 8, 2024 File: Hatem Khaled/ Reuters


announces additional package for

Antony has just announced that the will provide an additional $2bn (1.5bn) in funding to

Speaking from , where the secretary of state is on a two-day visit, he said the additional fund would be able to provide weapons "today" and invest in 's industrial base

"We are rushing ammunition, armoured vehicles, missiles and air defences to get them to the front lines," said

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Southern Brazil is under a massive flood () as I post this, which covers 80% of Rio Grande do Sul, and we need donations for food, water, anything to restore the homes that have been lost by this tragedy. Yes, 100+ died and more than 100.000+ people had to leave their houses due to the flood and the rain will continue to affect us until the end of May.
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Russia makes significant gains on the battlefield. Retired colonel explains how it happened

A convoy of aid trucks destroyed by Israeli settlers at checkpoint near Hebron Mussa Qawasma/Reuters

Video obtained by the Reuters news agency shows trucks beside the separation wall in Beit Awwa, west of Hebron, fully engulfed in flames.

According to Human Rights Watch, Israels military has carried out at least eight attacks on aid workers convoys and premises in Gaza since October last year, even though the aid groups had provided their coordinates to Israeli authorities.

The attacks have killed or wounded at least 31 humanitarian workers and those with them.

If I call out white-supremacy...
Can I, in the Israeli apartheid-state, call out jew-supremacy We'll see.

These 'youths' being indoctrinated all their lives, that they are the super race and faith
not being able to cope with actual trauma, protected with the Iron Dome and Bibi, they think it's right and funny to destroy the
for people that are cornered by their .
Acting just like the Nazi's did to their grandparents.

"Israeli Activists Block & Attack Aid Shipment For Starving Gazans" 10:30 min
by The Rational National

Quote by TRN:
"13 mei 2024
We are witnessing the lowest of the low."

"At least eight strikes on groups since October, says report - Human Rights Watch says warnings were not issued before attacks, which have killed or injured dozens.

Israeli forces have carried out at least eight strikes on humanitarian convoys and their facilities in Gaza since October, even after aid organisations provided their coordinates to the Israeli authorities, according to a report by Human Rights Watch.

HRW said the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did not issue warnings to the aid organisations before the strikes, which killed or injured at least 31 people.

In one incident, on 1 April, seven aid workers were killed in drone strikes in the city of Deir al-Balah. Missiles hit a convoy of three World Central Kitchen (WCK) vehicles, two marked with the organisations logo on the roof and all carrying civilians. HRW said the convoy was travelling a route that the organisation said they had agreed upon with the Israeli military."

"Total outrage: White House condemns Israeli settlers attack on trucks -

Protesters block convoy, throw food into road and set fire to vehicles at Tarqumiya checkpoint near Hebron
"The has condemned an attack on an aid convoy heading to by settlers who threw packages of food into the road and set fire to the vehicles.

Video of the incident on Monday at Tarqumiya checkpoint, west of Hebron in the Israeli-occupied , showed settlers blocking the trucks and throwing boxes of much-needed supplies on the ground. Photographs from the scene showed piles of damaged aid packages and drifts of rice and flour across the road.

Late on Monday, photos began circulating on social media showing the trucks on fire."

Israelis ransack trucks, destroy food bound for starving in Gaza

Germany's Scholz and Nordic leaders urge more Ukraine aid

The leaders of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland met to discuss their common security threats and how to further support Ukraine in the face of Russia's full-scale invasion.German Chancellor Olaf Scholz underscored his support for Ukraine at a meeting with the prime ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway,...

"New Israel Fund raises $750,000 for Palestinian civilians in Gaza"

"The money will be allocated to support the works of the World Central Kitchen and the International Rescue Committees work in Gaza."


From January to June last year I lived at home in the and took driving lessons constantly in the hopes that I would be able to move to Ukraine with a license.

But after my 6th attempt, I needed a break and went to Ukraine without a license.

I got some driving practice in to help with my friend's charity KHARPP that does some of the most effective work I have seen repairing homes and giving necessary to villages in the Kharkiv region only a few km from the border.

A new government system will provide data for use by child care support apps developed by private companies in order to disseminate essential information to parents.

No fuel. No food. No water.
No exit or entry for people.
Almost 300 thousand over the last five days.

The UN and partners are facing a completely preventable humanitarian stoppage read: disaster in days.

The aid must flow if humanity is to prevail in .

Four bakeries (out of 12) that are still operating have reduced capacity and will be out of stock by Monday.

Georgios Petropoulous

US rushes $400 million in aid to Ukraine as Russia launches new offensive =2494279 =news110130700

"Egypt refusing to coordinate with Israel on entry of aid in Rafah state media"

"Israeli sources tell Channel 12 they cannot bring in aid without Egyptian cooperation, fear refusal will harm IDFs ability to operate in the area"

U.S. passes $26 billion for Israel before Biden withholds bombs for use in planned Rafah offensive because he needs to protect Palestinian refugees

Who is at war with whom

Russia may soon begin summer offensive attack in Ukraine =2494279 =news110114418