Refusal to allow aid into Gaza

Refusal to allow aid into Gaza is a war crime

The refusal to allow aid into Gaza is a war crime. It is collectively punishing civilians for the actions of fighters. And because nearly half of the people in Gaza are children, it is collectively punishing children for the actions of adult fighters.

Sari Bashi, HRW programme director


Refusal to allow aid into Gaza is a war crime

The fact that Hamas fighters committed war crimes against Israeli civilians does not justify the Israeli authorities committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians and that is what we are seeing right now, Sari Bashi, HRW programme director said.

You must not do with what you can do with OPEC+.

2 were released by on Fri, w/no assurances there would be others. Sat AM, 20 trucks were allowed to cross from into , while the said it would take much more to make a difference for now w/o , , or for nearly 2 wks. Another 14 trucks entered late Sun.

None of the 400 American citizens inside Gaza, along w/other & millions of , have been allowed to leave.

After his return, it was unclear how much had been accomplished. On Thurs night, addressed the nation, performing the now-familiar balancing act between unwavering support for & commitment to help the . He said he was asking for an extra $106B in supplemental , for & for & .

Also & were worried about increasing calls from some, inclg a few US lawmakers, that the solutionlay in resettling Gazans permanently in & .

Amid this swirl of & late Tues, left for . He hoped to solidify & come home w/the details of s agreement that, at a min, would allow hundreds of -laden trucks waiting in entry into , w/mutual assurances they wouldnt carry goods for or fear Israeli airstrikes.

pres was returning to the , for 3 days of mourning. , whose agreement was needed to secure to thru the only crossing, wasnt coming. In , a close that had its own issues w/a massive population, the demonstrations were growing amid charges an Israeli airstrike had hit the hospital.
Welcoming the president to Amman, it was decided, wasnt a good look for the Jordanian govt at this time.

As Mon night bled into early Tues, Israeli & US ofcls inclg sat in separate rms & passed papers between as they over the establishment of a for in & getting inside. The issue consumed the better part of 7hrs.

On Tues, s itinerary was thrown into jeopardy by reports that hundreds of civilians were killed in an explosion at .

By evening, US ofcls said that by mutual agreement stop in was off.

A spox for the border crossing at the -run interior ministry, confirmed that 14 trucks had arrived on the side from . The trucks crossed the border 10:20PM local time per the .

spoke w/PM of Sun, to affirm that critical would cont to flow into . The ldrs discussed ongoing efforts to free Hamas , inclg citizens, & providing for all civilians to leave Gaza.

ofcls said more from the entered on Sun night at the request of the admin. The included , & equipment, acc/to a stmnt from , an Israeli agency that manages aspects of the . All of the equipment was inspected by Israeli security personnel before it was brought into Gaza.

So much for the wild cacophony of 'genocide' screams in mainstream media.

"Biden and Netanyahu agree to continue flow of aid into Gaza, White House says"

"'The leaders affirmed that there will now be continued flow of this critical assistance into Gaza,' said the White House readout of the call."

Folks are asking for donations to help people in a hostile refugee camp in Kenya:

2nd shipment of 17 trucks bringing aid to Palestinians crosses into Gaza, Egyptian media say
Israel halted all food, medicine and electricity into the territory after Hamas' deadly Oct. 7 attack. The Israeli military has, so far, allowed fewer than 40 trucks in.

A second shipment of 17 trucks bringing aid to Palestinians crosses into Gaza, Egyptian media say
Israel halted all food, medicine and electricity into the territory after Hamas' deadly Oct. 7 attack. The Israeli military has, so far, allowed fewer than 40 trucks in.


A second shipment of 17 trucks bringing aid to Palestinians crosses into Gaza, Egyptian media say
Israel halted all food, medicine and electricity into the territory after Hamas' deadly Oct. 7 attack. The Israeli military has, so far, allowed fewer than 40 trucks in.

UNICEF has every hope for more convoys. The 20 trucks carried food, water & medical supplies items that are desperately needed, along with fuel - as stocks in Gaza dwindle, amid fears of increased deaths due to disease outbreaks & lack of healthcare agencies such as the UN Childrens Fund (UNICEF) have insisted that delivery must be continuous & sustained40,000 litres of bottled water was but a drop in the ocean, given the immense needs... UN News

s King warned the it was dangerous to overlook the suffering of , comparing Western ldrs condemnations of violations in other conflicts w/what he said was a lack of condemnations of s siege & bombing of .

US Charg Amb Beth Jones said the was grateful for the summit, & said, We are still the worlds largest contributor of to the Palestinian people & remain committed to their aspirations for a .

"The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) can unequivocally state that the church was not the target of the strike," it said. ... Secretary-General Antonio ...

The Islamist group Hamas released two U.S. hostages, mother and daughter Judith and Natalie Raanan, who were kidnapped in its attack on southern Israel on Oct. 7, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said on Friday.

President lauded Saturdays shipment. In a statement, he thanked s President Abdel Fatah El-, s PM Benjamin & the for their work on opening the between Egypt & the Strip. The will work to keep the crossing in operation to enable the continued movement of that is imperative to the welfare of the people of Gaza, he said.

Israel continues to block aid waiting for access to Gaza.

said it would be extremely dangerous to distribute the w/o a halting of Israeli , which have contd across the Strip, inclg in areas said were . The Office of Palestinian Affairs said earlier Sat the crossing might open. It was unclear if people seeking to exit Gaza would be able to pass the other way on Sat, but the office warned of a potentially chaotic & disorderly environment w/ many people attempting to cross if it does.

border crossing opens to

20 Trucks carrying passed through the from toward on Saturday morning local time for the 1st time since the - began. The ofcl Hamas-controlled press agency in Gaza confirmed the first limited convoy of basic needs had moved through the crossing, but added that the supplies will not be enough.

The proposal also has $14B for priorities & $10B for , + more funding to Chinas in Asia & the developing world.

The wants to overcome the piecemeal approach that has characterized (deliberately slow - ) approach to funding the war in & instead provide w/the it needs for a full year.


on Fri unveiled a $106B package that could redefine his legacy w/ the primary goal of mitigating 2 raging international .
The proposal is a direct challenge to voices in the & skeptics of US military support for . It pairs $14B in aid for Israel w/a full year of funding for , $61B,


Gaza, in hardship deep
A delivery of aid, but
It will not bring peace

Where To to , of

"One of the most heartbreaking and violent conflicts in our world right now is occurring in Sudan, where, in April of this year, violent civil conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces broke out and displaced at least 5.6 million people.


The good news A collaborative effort between global humanitarian health organization Project HOPE and Airlink (as well as key partners, including MAP International,, Astral Aviation, and Qatar Airways), has secured a delivery of $13 million worth of vital aid supplies.

These supplies, including medical necessities, pharmaceuticals, hygiene supplies, and food, weigh in at 24,000 pounds. They will support over 100,000 people across Sudan, where communities are grappling with increased cholera and dengue outbreaks in the face of violence and displacement."

On Thurs night, made his most explicit case yet for why , & the , should rally behind 4 major goals. The 1st is to keep the flowing into , so that cannot wait out the West (&/or the admin) & strangle the country. The 2nd
is eliminating . The 3rd is to keep both from spreading.

And the final objective is to accomplish all this w/o bringing more death & misery to caught in a world once again on fire.

made the point that for is made in America rebutting the conspiracy theory espoused by many that helping Ukraine in its fight against siphons funds away from domestic priorities.

said the package hes requesting from will sharpen s military edge. It will include replenishments for the missile system. Its expected to include $14B in security aid.

The Israel conflict has given a path to approving that otherwise might have remain stalled.

Biden says the package hes requesting from will sharpen s military edge. It will include replenishments for the missile system, he adds. Its expected to include $14B in security aid.

Biden also discussed the assistance for in that he negotiated while in Israel.

said the deal he arranged for up to 20 trucks to deliver to in could provide an opening for sustained delivery if doesnt take advantage of the situation.

Biden announced that hes sending an urgent budget request to on Fri that will benefit US while supporting & .
American leadership is what holds the world together, said. A growing number of say they dont support more aid to Ukraine.

I know these conflicts can seem far away, said, but he added that needs to stop or the cost & threat will increase.

We do not seek to have American troops fighting against Russia, said.

will be emboldened around the world, especially in the , if can prevail in , Biden said of the potential of not providing .

President to address nation on response to -

plans to urge to stand by Israel & as he makes the case for billions in to both countries in an Thurs at 8PM ET.

The Biden-Harris Administration is working to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to aid civilians who are suffering.

During the meeting, which took place in , Sunak announced 10M ($12.15M US) of additional & encouraged the crown prince, , to use Saudis leadership in the region to support stability. Earlier on Thurs, met the PM, , in .

"U.S. State Department official resigns over military aid to Israel"

They blamed what they said was an Israeli air strike, while Israel said ... Secretary General Antonio Guterres to Russian President Vladimir Putin ...

U.S. President Joe Biden pledged to help Israel and the Palestinians during a lightning visit on Wednesday, but a deadly hospital blast that he ascribed to an errant rocket fired by Gaza militants derailed talks to prevent the war spreading.

President Biden pledges aid for both Gaza and Israel amidst ongoing protests across the Middle East.

Read his commitment:

Twenty truckloads of to enter .

Rough maths.

2 million humans in Gaza.

Comes out to 1 truck per 100,000 humans.

Volume: If 20ft "high cube" shipping container: 37.5 cubic metres
Divide by 100,000 = 0.00037 cubic metres per person. Roughly 1.5 cups of space of aid supplies per person.
If 40ft "high cube" containers then 3 cups space.

Or by weight:

Weight: If 30 tons per 100,000 people.
Then 300g per person. (10.6 ounces) weight of 1 large cup water.