"Why doesn't the Israeli government just

"Why doesn't the Israeli government just openly admit it is committing war crimes. The legal duty to allow humanitarian aid to civilians in need is absolute, not contingent on any behavior by Hamas. If the ICC's Karim Khan QC is paying attention, he could file charges tomorrow."

Kenneth Roth, former executive director of Human Rights Watch

on Friday the number of trucks it allowed into after the ceasefire collapsed, the government coordination office in the territories () told .

The big picture: The move comes despite the making clear in recent days that it expected the increased levels of and entering Gaza during the pause in fighting to continue even when the temporary ended.

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Ukraine aids best-kept secret: Most of the money stays in the U.S.A.

My conservative Quaker meeting of a dozen friends contributed more than a thousand dollars in humanitarian aid to ukraine this quarter

not bad for pacifists

Israel-Gaza live updates: 11 more Israeli hostages released

A four-day cease-fire between Hamas and Israel has been extended by two days, Qatari officials announced on Monday.

permanent and all other countries impacted by extreme violence

The Government Media Office in Gaza has issued a statement outlining the situation in the bombarded territory:

It said, among others:

The Gaza Strip needs 1,000 aid trucks daily to recover.
Hundreds of fuel trucks are needed over a period of weeks.
There is also a need for civil defence equipment, machines and medical devices.
The health sector has completely collapsed.
The wheel of life has stopped in Gaza.

UNRWA delivers clean water to north Gaza for first time since war began

The UN agency, which provides relief to Palestinian refugees, says its aid convoys reached areas in the north of the besieged coastal enclave, where it delivered food, tents, urgent medical supplies and clean water.

Landing craft and floating platforms: Cyprus outlines plans for seaborne aid to Gaza.

A sea corridor from Cyprus to supply humanitarian aid to Gaza is creating some formidable logistical challenges and could require innovative fixes ranging from landing craft to a large floating platform, where ships can unload containers.

A number of humanitarian aid and trucks have been delivered to the northern Gaza Strip by the UN.

This is the first time that humanitarian aid could be delivered to the north of the Gaza Strip as the Israeli occupation did not allow for the UN or for any other international organisations to distribute humanitarian aid to this area, including hospitals, which is considered to be a battle zone for the Israeli forces.


World Central Kitchens Relief Team is in and working tirelessly to send more trucks into . These trucks are filled with kitchen equipment, water systems & food. WCK is building a large scale kitchen in to feed as many people as they can.

See Damien with an update

they are matching up to $475,000 to feed innocent


Over 30K people have been connected!

Mirnaelhelbawi on Twitter has created one central place for people sending QR codes for their ESims :

(First priority is to , , workers, etc., but all are passed on to everyone.)

Any e-sims are helpful, but best companies are Nomad, Airalo, & Mogo different cards work better in different areas.

Please help

4 Day Ahead

, agree on a 4-day for according to .

said would be in for women and children who are held in .

The truce deal will also allow of of humanitarian, medical and fuel to enter , the group said.

How much aid has entered Gaza

102 aid workers killed and 27 injured in Gaza so far during 2023 (as of last week):

From the , via the

EU poised to approve continued Palestinian development aid

The EU is set to approve the continued payment of development aid to the Palestinian territories after an internal European Commission audit found that its funding was not inadvertently financing terror groups.

urge to condemn s in .

PMs speech at comes as caused by reaches point

-Control: Aspects That In Controlling Oneself In Control


The government has prepared #2 billion for military to Ukraine in 2024. According to Dutch Defense Minister, Kajsa , the allocation of these funds is a sign of unwavering support for Ukraine in the war against russia.

Canadian government warned over support for Israeli war crimes Vox Political

Trudeau crime

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Ich mache das mit , und .

kommt in der Sendung gar nicht vor. Ist ja auch eine Software, mit der niemand Geld verdienen will, und die deshalb auch keine Weihnachts-Werbegeschenke an rzte verteilt.

Flow of U.N. aid to Gaza hindered by communications blackout

"Rada Bezpieczestwa ONZ podja rezolucj wzywajc do "pilnych i przeduonych pauz humanitarnych i utworzenia humanitarnych korytarzy w Strefie Gazy przez dostateczn liczb dni" dla umoliwienia dostarczenia pomocy.

Wstrzymay si Rosja, Stany Zjednoczone i Wielka Brytania".

"The Security Council has passed a resolution calling for extended humanitarian pauses in .

More than 11,300 Palestinians have been killed in strikes on Gaza since October 7. In , the official death toll from s attacks stands at more than 1,200".

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$233B in Ukraine

The Top 10 Donors to Ukraine

Ukraine has received over $230 billion in aid since the russian invasion in 2022.

institutions and the together account for almost 70% of the total aid.

This graphic uses data from the Ukraine Support to visualize the top 10 donors to Ukraine between Jan 24, 2022, and July 31, 2023.

Read more here


The Top 10 Donors to Ukraine
Ukraine has received over $230 billion in aid since the Russian invasion in 2022.
EU institutions and the U.S. together account for almost 70% of the total aid.
This graphic uses data from the Ukraine Support Tracker to visualize the top 10 donors to Ukraine between Jan 24, 2022, and July 31, 2023.

Germanys support for Ukraine is to be massively expanded next year.

Our will talk about her research on mutual at our upcoming on 15 Nov. Her talk investigates the experiences of grassroots solidarity activism that emerged in the pandemic to help communities access food and medicine.
Register vie email at to join us!

My favorite magazine is The Baffler, and this most recent issue focuses on the Industrial Complex and the problematic power dynamics of international aid.

This piece focuses on South Sudan, but I saw extremely similar things in Haiti, and these dynamics exist everywhere. Really good to know about.

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Domivka - Home of Rescued Animals (Tails)

"Guys, our good boy Ray, is waiting for his loving family. He is very playful and loves puppy treats. Ray will have a very hard time overwintering with us because he is constantly cold and we don't have the opportunity to move him to a warm room. Really hoping that his future family finds him"

Pause for aid, hostage
Tactical little ceasefires
Israel considers

Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday, amplifying demands ... strike again. 8 hours ago. Strike at the Amazon warehouse, in Coventry.

Gaza is becoming a "graveyard for children", U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday, amplifying demands for a ceasefire in the enclave, where Palestinian health authorities said the death toll from Israeli strikes had exceeded 10,000.

88 people employed by the Relief and Works Agency for in the Near Easttasked with providing essential services for have been killed since Oct. 7, marking the highest number of United Nations fatalities ever recorded in a single conflict.

The deaths of the workers are among the more than 10,000 people killed in including more than 4,100 children, according to the Gaza Ministry.

Just finished watching Johnny Harris video on how Facebook facilitated the genocide of the Rohingya muslim minority, it's a really sad and heavy video, it talks about how Facebook's reckless moderation in the country of Myanmar complicated historical ethical conflicts that eventually led to the genocide of the Muslim minority.

It really strikes me that something we generally associate with the sharing of funny memes, with an algorithm trained to engage users so that the company can benefit from more advertising revenue, can be weaponised to share misinformation and hate, ultimately leading to the escalation of conflict to the extent that it has, If you don't feel sickened by what you've read so far, I'd recommend watching the video, it's very well documented and does a good job of breaking down an otherwise complex situation into understandable chunks.

We can really see that they haven't changed their moderation and harmful practices from that time to now, as there are several news reports about how they falsely report anyone who shows support for the Palestinian people as a terrorist on multiple platforms that they control, as well as showing several times that their generative AI is often biased against Palestinians, I'll have some links to those at the end of the post so you can judge their veracity for yourself.

This is just one example of how traditional social media can be damaging and extremely dangerous, of course there are countless examples of this happening in smaller countries where a western giant sweeps in, sets itself up as the standard way of communicating and ignores when violent misinformation gets out of hand, we actually lose as a society because we allow these huge corporations to control every bit of our lives, That's why being here is so important, because by participating in decentralised social media we can send a message, a message that says we don't want this to happen again, we don't want any more people to suffer because some CEO was too busy flying his personal jet to care about other people's lives, and we're not going to accept it anymore.

I will also be attaching donation links for the Rohingya refugee camps at the end, so if you can, please donate to them so that we can help ease the burden that has been placed on these poor people.

The video:

News links that demonstrate anti-palestinian bias in Meta (from all sides of the net):

Donation links if you want to help support the Rohingya refugees:

At least 4,008 of are dead by now.

That means 182 children more, within the last 24 hours.

UNs major humanitarian agencies and international charities say:

More than 100 attacks against health care have been reported.

Scores of have been since October 7 including 88 UNRWA colleagues the highest number of United Nations fatalities ever recorded in a single conflict.

We need an immediate .