President Biden pledges aid for both

President Biden pledges aid for both Gaza and Israel amidst ongoing protests across the Middle East.

Read his commitment:

Twenty truckloads of to enter .

Rough maths.

2 million humans in Gaza.

Comes out to 1 truck per 100,000 humans.

Volume: If 20ft "high cube" shipping container: 37.5 cubic metres
Divide by 100,000 = 0.00037 cubic metres per person. Roughly 1.5 cups of space of aid supplies per person.
If 40ft "high cube" containers then 3 cups space.

Or by weight:

Weight: If 30 tons per 100,000 people.
Then 300g per person. (10.6 ounces) weight of 1 large cup water.


As Biden visits Israel
In this war-torn land, we feel
As Gaza aid rises
Such dire crises
Let us hope things will be healed.

If confiscates it or doesnt let it get through its going to end. Because were not going to be sending in to Hamas if theyre going to come confiscate it. Thats a commitment that Ive made, told reporters.
It will be a bit before the supplies get to the Gazans desperate for , & supplies. said it will take 8 hours to fix the crater-pocked roads on the Gaza side after .

Wed, Sen (I-VT) blocked a -led effort to slow to , after announced $100M in aid for who are suffering in the & facing massive casualties. said the aid would go toward providing , , care & other essential needs thru trusted partners in agencies & international orgs. The money comes from an ALREADY APPROVED pool of international aid.

Hamas will find ways to take control of aid to Gaza even if it means forcing Palestinians to turn it over to them. But they can't get it all and it's desperately needed by non-combatants so...

"Israel approves entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza from Egypt"

"The decision came after an hour-long meeting with President Biden in Tel Aviv. Biden said he welcomed the decision and stressed aid would be suspended if Hamas tried to take control of it."

What an ass

In a stmnt released during President s speech in , PM said that despite requests, Israel would NOT permit the transfer of any to in the Strip from its territory. He added, however, that Israel will not thwart humanitarian supplies arriving from as long as it is only food, water & medicine for the populationin the south Gaza Strip or those moving there, & these supplies do not reach .


The very concentration of buildings and people in Gaza argues for a ceasefire. This doctors description of the multiple attacks on Al Alhi hospital argue for immediate ceasefire in Palestine/ Israel.

President reflected on comparisons of s attack on to the , 2001, attacks on the , in a speech in Israel on Wed. While we sought justice & got justice, we also made mistakes.

said he would ask later this week for an unprecedented package for Israel.
WH ofcls are considering asking for as much as $100B for a package that would include funds for Israel, but also funds for , & potentially for .

The , a org, said it has food for 244k people in close to the border & called for to the area.

Samer Abdeljaber, the s country dir in the state of , said that it needs sustained access that supplies w/in Gaza are running out.

The situation is dire. It is unlike anything we have seen before here, Abdeljaber said in a stmnt.

So woe to those hypocrites who pray

yet are unmindful of their prayers

those who only show off,

and refuse to give even the simplest aid.1

Footnote - 1

They refuse to help others with small things like salt or water, let alone alms-tax.

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Japan said that it will provide $10 million in humanitarian aid for civilians in the Gaza Strip amid the Israel-Hamas war, while holding phone talks with Iran at the foreign ministerial level.

shares s concern that may seize or destroy entering or otherwise preventing it from reaching people who need it. If Hamas in any way blocks assistance from reaching inclg by seizing the aid itself, we will be the 1st to condemn it & will work to prevent it from happening again.

Pres will go to Amman, , after his trip to Tel Aviv. Blinken went to Amman last wk,& spoke w/ & Pres Mahmoud .

ofcls waited to announce President s travel to until they received commitments from PM Benjamin on a package Mon night. Once SoS got the assurances during a marathon meeting in Tel Aviv, he made the announcement.

During a 7-hr meeting, Israeli & US ofcls set up separate rooms & passed papers between the 2 sides, negotiating over humanitarian issues including getting into & creating for .

said the & have agreed to try to find ways to get into & to consider ideas for setting up that would be off-limits from .

On s visit, Blinken said, He is coming here at a critical moment for Israel, for the region & for the world. The presidents plan means it is unlikely that Israel will start its against in Gaza before Wed.

, just finished a marathon 7 hour meeting at a military base in Tel Aviv w/ PM Benjamin of & his . At 3AM local time Blinken addressed the world to announce the President s visit.

Blinken said Biden's visit is meant to show unwavering support for Israel & that he would speak w/Israeli ldrs about urgent issues, including held by & to in .

"EU to launch a humanitarian air bridge to bring aid to Gaza"

"The European Union said on Monday (Oct 16) it would launch a humanitarian air bridge operation consisting of 'several flights' to Egypt aiming to bring supplies to humanitarian organisations on the ground in Gaza.

'The first two flights will take place this week, carrying humanitarian cargo from UNICEF including shelter items, medicines and hygiene kits,' the EU said in a statement."

Riz Ahmed accuses Israel of morally indefensible war crimes against Palestinians amid Israel-Hamas war The Independent

Israel Hamas war live: Egyptian Gaza border still shut as Egypt blames Israel The Independent

Gaza aid stuck as Egypt says Israel not cooperating Reuters

From Sec Gen Guterres stmt - he made two appeals - for to release the without any conditions, and for to grant rapid and unimpeded access for humanitarian to .

"The UN has stocks available of food, water, non-food items, medical supplies and fuel....These goods can be dispatched within hours," he said.

"Each one of these two objectives are valid in themselves. They should not become bargaining chips."

Japan will provide Kyiv with remote medical services and smart farming tech to help Ukraine recover from Russia's invasion.

V madamasr:
' is on the verge of accepting an agreement that would allow foreigners and dual nationals to traverse the crossing into North , having set as a precondition the approval of the entry of into the Strip, according to informed sources'



doctors without borders is treating patients in gaza right now and accepts donations. theyve reported all hospitals are currently overwhelmed from injuries

Without Borders


- gaza mutual aid collective (pay/pal: AGEDKNAFEH)

Anera is one of the few orgs able to work directly in Gaza, delivering food, blood, and medical supplies, in addition to their regular activities in economic and agricultural sustainability and sovereignty.

PCRF also works in Gaza, their HQ was bombed in a previous attack. They do good work, especially with kids.

Donate to Palestine

If you want to donate specifically to address the crisis in Gaza, the UNRWA has an operation in Northern Gaza and Gaza City:

Hey folks, check out my webstore. 25% of all sales goes to charity. This month the donation will be to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres to help in conflict areas.

"Our hearts and blood are with Gaza
Popular relief activity in Egypt to support the sector

Several Egyptian civil society organizations are moving under government supervision to organize relief activities in support of the Gaza Strip. Activities range from fundraising to blood donations and food convoys

Over 400,000 displaced in Gaza, UN appeals for urgent aid.

UN Says Over 400,000 People Displaced in Gaza, Appeals for $300 Million.

Read more here:

Egypt Discussing Plans to Provide Aid to Gaza Under Limited Ceasefire - Security Sources.

Egypt explores plans to provide aid to Gaza amid ceasefire efforts.

Read more here:

The recent Afghanistan earthquakes were devastating and they will be moreso if aid comes slowly to the region:

If you can give, please do.

Condemn Hamas & its horrendous acts. But it is awful that European aid agencies are suspending aid to Palestine. Palestinians have been reeling under occupation & already lack access to basic services and institutional arrangements. Does this also include the West Bank where the challenges are so different

Germany halting aid
Scholz added that he could foresee the suffering of the civilian population in the Gaza strip likely growing further.

But that too is the fault of Hamas and its attack on Israel.

Germany halting aid
Germany will suspend all development aid to the occupied Palestinian territories pending the completion of a review to ensure it best serves regional peace and Israels security, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.

Our yardstick will be whether and how these projects best serve peace in the region and the security of Israel, he said. Until that review is complete we will not make available any new development cooperation resources.

Earlier Wednesday, called on & nations as well as the international community to provide to .

The humanitarian agency painted a bleak picture of conditions in the Strip as lays to the narrow enclave.

In an update Wed, the agency said >263k have been displaced across Gaza & >1k homes have been destroyed, w/an additional 560 so damaged that are uninhabitable. 12,630 other homes were also damaged.

The 1st FAM () flight took off from on Tues w/ 135 Mexican nationals aboard including members of a rhythmic gymnastics team. A 2nd is expected.Also on Tues, announced that its air force would >230 citizens who are hoping to flee.

Republicans Are Blocking Their Own Calls for Israeli Aid

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