Palestinians hold out their empty containers

Palestinians hold out their empty containers to be filled with food, distributed by charity organizations, behind bars since they are unable to obtain basic food supplies due to the embargo imposed by Israeli forces in Rafah, Gaza. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images


The has signaled many times that we're ready to integrate into European democracies. Yet our actions are doing the exact opposite

Right now, greed is the single reason why is losing ground and lives at the front lines. Countries like , and are blocking ammunition purchases outside of while the ammunition shortage is extremely dire

to from , and has been around 0.07% of total GDP

suspends to northern amid collapse of civil order

Desperation of people searching for food in southern areas is making journeys north unsafe, says UN

Britain can play a role in bringing peace to Gaza, but first leaders have to get serious Gaby Hinsliff -Gazawar

ofcls said police have also stopped serving as security guards for convoys, paralyzing deliveries in the enclave, where some hungry families have resorted to eating weeds & animal feed & are selling stolen food at astronomical rates on the black market.

After a string of Israeli attacks on members of s -run force, officers withdrew earlier this month from the side of the Kerem Shalom crossing w/ . Since they left, trucks have been attacked in the crossings holding area, acc/to coordinator James McGoldrick. Drivers have been shot at, attacked w/ axes & box cutters, & had their windows smashed, he said.

On avg, only 62 trucks have entered Gaza each day over the past 2 wks, acc/to figures from the Office for the Coordination of Affairs well below the 200 trucks per day has committed to facilitating. Just 4 trucks crossed on 2 separate days this wk. groups, which have warned of a looming , estimate that 500 trucks are needed each day to meet peoples basic needs.

They can't! It's 'genocide!'

"Israeli official confirms plan for locals to run humanitarian pockets in Gaza"

"Israel is seeking Palestinians who are not affiliated with Hamas to manage civilian affairs in areas of the Gaza Strip designed as testing grounds for post-war administration of the enclave...The Israeli official said the planned 'humanitarian pockets' would be in districts of the Gaza Strip from which Hamas has been expelled..."

Humanitarian aid workers are becoming even more critical to survival in Gaza. We need to protect them against constant Israeli bombardment.

From the UN Secretary General:

The humanitarian aid operation in Gaza is now on life support. It is barely functioning.

Humanitarians are working under unimaginable conditions including live fire, multiple physical obstacles and Israeli restrictions, as well as the breakdown of public order.

Please support us:


Hope for Gazans trapped under Hamas terrorist rule.

"IDF said advancing Gaza City pilot to have unaffiliated locals take over governance"

"TV report says military met with community leaders in Zeitoun neighborhood, wants them to take charge them of aid distribution in hopes of establishing alternative to Hamas rule."


Palestinian children marching with empty stomachs, banging empty pots to demand the distribution of aid resume.

"Does the UN hold my son mother of murdered hostage asks as families assail UNRWA"

"At press conference, Hostages and Missing Families Forum airs video of agency worker abducting body, as activists decry management that enabled members to aid October 7 attack"

Children collect spilled flour from the ground after Gaza aid chaos Israel War on Gaza

NewsFeed A video of children collecting flour off the ground shows how serious the hunger situation is in Gaza. Published On 20 Feb 202420 Feb 2024

Sure looks like it. Guess it's only a 'humanitarian crisis' when Israel can be blamed.

"Israel Says It's the UN That Is Failing to Deliver Aid to Gaza"

So UN are contributing to the Gaza humanitarian crisis now. People still need to eat, hypocrites. Oh, maybe they can blame it on Israel

"UN Food Agency Suspends Aid To North Gaza After Gunfire, Looting"


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Don't be afraid,
Help the brigade,
Arms shouldn't be delayed,
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Then ruZZia will further invade.
Instead, strength and unity should be conveyed!

Ukraine expects Japanese technologies and knowledge will be useful in restoring its agricultural sector and rebuilding damaged power and transportation infrastructure.

Apparently it's not only trucks that are blocked at the border between and these days. drivers for and NGOs report queues for more than 50 hours and Polish border guards just laughing in their faces. It's fucking harassment. What the fuck, Poland

Israel BUSTED Posting FAKE Photos Of Humanitarian Aid

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Houthi attacks in Red Sea having a catastrophic effect on aid to Sudan

A bill aimed at bolstering measures to tackle Japan's declining birthrate was adopted at a Cabinet meeting on Friday.

US plan package for
Washington (dpo) - Time is pressing: The Republicans in the Congress are currently discussing a billion-dollar package for Russia. In view of the war of position in eastern , Russia could use any help, says Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz.


HousingWire: announces new for ,

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NATO Forms Artillery, Drone Coalitions to Supply Equipment to Ukraine


NATO Forms Artillery, Drone Coalitions to Supply Equipment to Ukraine


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The actively wants to give to to the point that they produced material so the , usually reliable allies of the , will remember whose side they're on.
Or let the Pentagon know what side they're on.

But this week, voted repeatedly against sending $60B in to that nation as well as against other military funds for Israel & in the Indo-Pacific. The longtime hawk dramatically announced on the floor that he also would no longer be attending the an annual pilgrimage made by to discuss concerns thats been a mainstay of his schedule.

"Hey Americans, let's vote for that aid faster, because grandpa is barely getting by "

Article 5 states that an attack against 1 member of thealliance will be considered an attack against all, & members of the must respond appropriately. W/O those protections, a member country would not be guaranteed other members would come to its .
"Where I come from, alliances matter," said Kellogg, who served as fmr VP Mike Pence's adviser. "But if you're going to be part of an alliance, contribute to the alliance, be part of the alliance."

The passed a $95B package to , & other .
The bill passed 70 to 29, after 22 joined in approving the aid.But preemptively rejected the , saying that the packages failure to address US makes it a nonstarter in the House.
(FYI, that bill existed, but rejected it BECAUSE it had the aid in it -- maddening)

You mean, if Russia attacked Lithuania, we would go to war with Russia he responded. Thats crazy.

has never believed in the fundamental one-for-all-and-all-for-one concept of the . Indeed, he spent much of his 4-yr presidency undermining it while strong-arming members into keeping their commitments to spend more on their own militaries w/the that he would not come to their otherwise.

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The Chit Chit Khin Khin Foundation is aiming to provide aid, including items such as rice, oil and vegetables, to displaced Myanmar people in three camps along the Thai border.

LIAR! You're either astonishingly stupid or complicit. Pretty sure both.

Shut them down. Permanently.

"'We did not know': UNRWA head says agency knew nothing about Hamas data center directly under its Gaza City HQ"