Over 400,000 displaced in Gaza, UN

Over 400,000 displaced in Gaza, UN appeals for urgent aid.

UN Says Over 400,000 People Displaced in Gaza, Appeals for $300 Million.

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Egypt Discussing Plans to Provide Aid to Gaza Under Limited Ceasefire - Security Sources.

Egypt explores plans to provide aid to Gaza amid ceasefire efforts.

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The recent Afghanistan earthquakes were devastating and they will be moreso if aid comes slowly to the region:

If you can give, please do.

Condemn Hamas & its horrendous acts. But it is awful that European aid agencies are suspending aid to Palestine. Palestinians have been reeling under occupation & already lack access to basic services and institutional arrangements. Does this also include the West Bank where the challenges are so different

Germany halting aid
Scholz added that he could foresee the suffering of the civilian population in the Gaza strip likely growing further.

But that too is the fault of Hamas and its attack on Israel.

Germany halting aid
Germany will suspend all development aid to the occupied Palestinian territories pending the completion of a review to ensure it best serves regional peace and Israels security, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.

Our yardstick will be whether and how these projects best serve peace in the region and the security of Israel, he said. Until that review is complete we will not make available any new development cooperation resources.

Earlier Wednesday, called on & nations as well as the international community to provide to .

The humanitarian agency painted a bleak picture of conditions in the Strip as lays to the narrow enclave.

In an update Wed, the agency said >263k have been displaced across Gaza & >1k homes have been destroyed, w/an additional 560 so damaged that are uninhabitable. 12,630 other homes were also damaged.

The 1st FAM () flight took off from on Tues w/ 135 Mexican nationals aboard including members of a rhythmic gymnastics team. A 2nd is expected.Also on Tues, announced that its air force would >230 citizens who are hoping to flee.

Republicans Are Blocking Their Own Calls for Israeli Aid

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We cant confuse Hamas with all Palestinians: Spain says amid aid review Israel-Palestine conflict News Al Jazeera

The of Representatives remains leaderless due to the intraparty fight over the .

With no elected , the House is effectively paralyzed. It cant pass emergency military for close U.S. ally until seat a new speaker.

are a to .


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The European Commission now says that aid payments for are not being suspended, despite an earlier statement of Oliver Varhelyi.

The Commission said in a statement that it was launching a review of its programme.

"In the meantime, as there were no payments foreseen, there will be no suspension of payments," the statement added.

Elsewhere, the UK has announced it is also reviewing its aid for projects.

Hamas does not represent the entire Palestinian population

A Swedish politician and member of the European Parliament has criticised the move announced earlier by Oliver Varhelyi, the EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, to halt aid to Palestinians.

Hamas does not represent the entire Palestinian population, Evin Incir told Al Jazeera.

"To punish the Palestinian people for the terrorist attacks of Hamas would not serve anyone anything good."

s Ministry of Economic Cooperation () announced the suspension of all development for the territories while the funds are being comprehensively examined.

The BMZ, committed $130M in bilateral development cooperation for Palestinian territories this yr & next. It includes co-op, supply & disposal, plants, vocational , creation for young people & .

US Security Aid to Israel to Arrive in Coming Days
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FILE - In this photo provided by the U.S. Navy, the USS Gerald R. Ford embarks on its first sea trial from Newport News, Virginia, April 8, 2017. (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ridge Leoni/U.S. Navy)

WASHINGTON The United States is sending its newest and most advanced...

V Reuters
The Commission said it was putting its full portfolio of development to s, worth 691 million euros, under review and immediately suspending all payments.

"The scale of terror and brutality against and its people is a turning point," Oliver Varhelyi, the Commissioner for the 's neighbourhood, said in a post on X. "There can be no business as usual."

Oggi la giornata internazionale della dislessia.

People in need help!

After rocket strike by on October 5, 56 people died including 6 years old child.

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Two high-power electrical transformers were formally handed over to Ukraine on Thursday ahead of winter, the latest support provided by Japan to the war-torn country.

With the chamber in paralysis, a new battle over the govt looms next month, while boosters of s war effort fear lawmakers may be unable to authorize crucial new installments of .
But the concerns harbored by onlookers abroad go far deeper.

Irelands prime minister has said he is concerned to see the UK disengaging from the world, and accused it of turning inwards by leaving the EU, slashing international aid and now considering abandoning a human rights treaty.

Leo Varadkar warned that Brexit, aid cuts and talk of abandoning the European Convention on Human Rights are not the Britain I know.

has so far been a staunch supporter of in its war against . Her office said that her stance had not changed on the need for to Ukraine. But it would set "a risky precedent" if she agreed to an aid package from the outgoing government, it said.

Slovak President Zuzana aputov has rejected the release of further to Ukraine by her country's caretaker government, according to a report by AP. reasoned that the current government has limited powers after losing a confidence vote in parliament in June. aputov pointed out that after Saturday's parliamentary elections, parties opposed to military aid to were currently negotiating to form a government.

An algorithm-powered poverty assessment formula used by 40 countries around the world aims to make payments fairer and more efficient, by targeting them to those most in need, but researchers say algorithmic tools often wrongly exclude people.

steps up support against aggression. New military package for includes goggles, satellite terminals, tank tractors, vehicles, ammo, and more. Building security capacity with 5.4 billion euros in 2023 and 10.5 billion euros for future years.

Delivers New to with Advanced Combat Vehicles & Engineer LeFigaro TF1Info France2tv France3tv lesoir lecho lalibrebe RTBFinfo rtlinfo lemondefr LCI franceculture lobs France24en

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Myanmar residents of Japan have held a fundraising event in Tokyo to help provide support for the approximately 2 million people displaced in the military's crackdown in the country.

The drumbeat of from these members & their amen chorus in the is having an effect: An Economist/YouGov poll released last week found a slight uptick among all voters for reducing military to , but for the first time found that a majority of now support such reductions. Fortunately, overalleven many voters in the are still holding firm in their support for Ukraine in its fight against .

averted the self-inflicted wound of a this weekend. The main casualty of the process was for , but foreign aid was always a fig leaffor both & the determination of a small group of Republicans to help .

s Next Target: Support for

Putin intends to try to end US & European support for Ukraine by using his agencies to push supporting pro-Russian political parties & by stoking w/ new .

The aims to increase support for opposing Ukraine w/the ultimate goal of stopping international to .

order maximization of

The U.S. sent help to Ukraine
But what if that aid was removed
It'd be a disaster
Colonel Leighton's master
For Russia's victory would soon be assumed

Sen (R-OH) said Saturday night that a fight over to is still looming. My sense is my colleagues in the are much more skeptical of limitless Ukraine funding than my colleagues in the , said. And what that means is any Ukraine funding package is going to be dead on arrival in the House.


Just hours before a potential , & in the passed a 45-day w/ funds, an extension of a federal program & reauthorization but no . Saturdays passage in the ended a weeks-long debate over govt . The eventually ditched its own to pass a version.

The Senate vote was 88-9.

consideration of the bill that was passed by the is being by Senator Michael , of Colorado, his colleagues say. Bennet reportedly wants a promise of quick consideration of to .

The Senate version of the included
> $6 billion in Ukraine aid.

Senators say the leadership is working on a written commitment. But a long delay could trigger a if the Senate doesnt act by midnight.

Sen. Amy (D-MN) said have concluded that to is their top goal, adding that aid negotiations will be saved for a supplemental request.
I believe theres a bunch of who are w/ Ukraine. The big test is going to be what happens w/the supplemental & what happens in the next few weeks, she said.

Well do everything we can make sure that to is uninterrupted, & I think thats more than possible to do, Sen Richard (D-CN) said after leaving a meeting of .
Blumenthal said theres still no set path for how this additional would be secured, adding that the Senate will continue negotiating the aid over the next few days.

The lone to vote against the s recently passed short-term spending bill to fund the federal government was Rep. Mike Quigley. The 45-day CR does not include . represents one of the largest Ukrainian communities in & is co-chair of the .