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Peak body for Australian aid groups joined by faith groups and health experts saying there is no excuse for due to impact of

Scroll to 34:30 in today's Broadcasting House (2024-04-07) for a classic piece of radio as Simon Boas from the Channel Island, Jersey, who's accomplished and given a lot of himself in his 46 years reads a statement about accepting a terminal cancer diagnosis in light of the life he's already led.

There's also a newspaper article if you prefer to read.

A wave of ongoing reminders is in order.


Status Quo - Caroline

What was preventing Israel from opening routes for humanitarian aid into Gaza *before* being urged to by Joe Biden

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Israel opens routes for deliveries after #'s stark # to News

Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, Syria they will all rise again, not through guns and bullets, but through picks and shovels, hammers and saws. from the international community will help a little, but as always, it will be the people themselves who do the real work.

Revision Aids

An honest view on as part of the campaign:

"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahus office says it will allow temporary aid deliveries via a crossing in the northern Strip to ensure the continuation of the fighting and to achieve the goals of the war."

s cabinet announced new measures to allow more into , including the opening of the Erez border crossing, Thurs evening. The move comes after President & PM spoke & the NSC announced the new aid routes.

This increased aid will prevent a crisis & is necessary to ensure the continuation of the fighting & to achieve the goals of the war, the PMs office said in a stmnt after Thurs war cabinet meeting.

Nearly all of that has reached Gaza has entered through 2 border crossings in the south, & conditions are especially bad in northern , where most of the population lived before being by s invasion.

Thurs nights NSC stmnt:

In a stmnt, the said that had agreed to open the to allow into northern & to also open the . The measures were being taken at the presidents request, the stmnt added.

These steps, the stmnt said, must now be fully & rapidly implemented.

There was no immediate confirmation from the government.

The admin said late Thurs that had AGREED to open another for to get into amid the dire crisis there.

The announcement came hours after had a tense phone call w/PM during which Biden threatened to condition future support for Israel depending on how it addresses his concerns about & the in Gaza.

Now states are rushing to extend their condolences to the families, but they are not showing the same rush to stop the shipment of weapons to this laboratory of destruction.

How much more humanity must be lost in this genocide
Oscar Camps, Open Arms


Gaza is a dystopian laboratory where peoples blood flows while war technologies are tested and perfected, directed by increasingly automated algorithms that allow all human responsibility to be diluted, using technology and trivializing evil.

If were to order the into at scale & make no provision for or for , I would vote to condition to . Ive never said that before. Ive never been here before,Coons said.

Among the changes wants to seeare a dramatic increase in aid getting in, additional crossings opened up, & a reduction in against .

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As a reminder. Just because someone is autistic or neurodiverse doesn't mean they get to be a dick to you or abuse you. Don't get me wrong, we should do everything in our power to help neurodiverse people and stand up for them but remember your boundaries and don't let people push them.

The judge cited over minors ability to leave sites & their to affect whether the have to & treatment.

The ability to exercise discretion over, & make decisions affecting, a childs & is indicative of maintaining custody of the child, regardless of whether that decision is to provide or withhold care, the 12-pg order read. Juveniles, unlike adults, are always in some form of .

During the hot desert days, & heat stroke have become common, acc/to groups, & nighttime temps, wind & rain are creating conditions ripe for . are particularly concerned about those elements for , since many have lower body fat than adults & may be from their journeys.
The govt had argued that the were not yet in so it had no obligation to provide services what now

The outdoor areas where migrants have been waiting lack , & , which has given way to an array of concerns for the most vulnerable. Unaccompanied & young sometimes arrive in poor , acc/to workers & volunteers at the sites, suffering from injuries or chronic health conditions that require that have long since run out.

Oops. Sorry.

Japan has reaffirmed its commitment to mobilizing both public and private resources to support Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction efforts.

The has now secured 1m shells via the Initiative, but , and another country blocked the from sourcing from . So the stepped in to solve that.

The still has $4bn in unspent allocated funds, but I think the did a different deal with - they buy a lot from them anyway.

And the Initiative has found another 500k shells on top of the 1m - 1.5m total.

Hope that helps.

World Central Kitchen chef Jose Andres said that an Israeli attack that killed seven of his food aid workers in Gaza had targeted them "systematically, car by car."

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Bodies of aid workers killed in Israeli strikes transported out of Gaza workers

The Guardian view on tackling famine in Gaza: Palestinians need Unrwa Editorial -Gazawar

There is a need to give this a more robust & institutional framework to ensure & for the long haul, Stoltenberg said. He added: I strongly believe its important that make decisions fast. And that includes, of course, the .

Under a prop being discussed at the s HQ, would oversee the Contact Grp, currently led by the , that coordinates the donation & delivery of weapons to the battlefield.

A stronger NATO role in coordinating & providing support is the way to end this in a way where Ukraine prevails, SecGen Stoltenberg said on Wed.

is losing status as a & due to &

With continued American to stalled & against the looming prospect of a 2nd Trump presidency, ofcls are looking to take more of directing support from Ukraines allies a role that the has played for the past 2 yrs.

Thank you for the . This article is a !

Tributes for Zomi Frankcom

"Zomi was just an absolute ray of sunshine, full of warmth, full of kindness. Very generous, very funny, vibrant, always positive and she was just a ball of fun to be around."

The slaughter and famine in Gaza is an atrocity foretold. We demand an end to it Owen Jones -Gazawar

World Central Kitchen was one of the main food distributors in the territory, providing more than 40 million meals since October.

Despite growing international calls to increase aid deliveries, the attack on the WCK convoy essentially brought humanitarian work to a standstill despite thousands of Gaza residents staring down starvation conditions.

Zomi and her colleagues were saving lives. Their deaths deserve our outrage Tim Costello -Gazawar

Killing of Aid Workers in Gaza a Mistake: IDF Chief


Killing of Aid Workers in Gaza a Mistake: IDF Chief


World Central Kitchen founder's response

The air strikes on our convoy were not just some unfortunate mistake in the fog of war. It was a direct attack on clearly marked vehicles whose movements were known by the Israeli military. It was also the direct result of his PM Netanyahus governments policy to squeeze humanitarian aid to desperate levels.

Jose Andres