Japan Aid in 2024: Ukraine Gains

Japan Aid in 2024: Ukraine Gains Support in Medicine, Agriculture

Major donors pause funding to UNRWA

Japan said it is joining other countries in suspending funding to the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees following Israeli charges that some UNRWA staff took part in Hamas' Oct. 7 attack.

Peter Parker, Presbyterian medical missionary to China, answers Christians opposing his work.

He says to object to missionaries helping peoples temporal ailments indicts our Savior, who taught of eternal interests & alleviated bodily sufferings.

Do we want to be on a higher plane than Jesus & Peter It is a higher plane to sit on a prayer couch & think up harsh statements

How can we follow Jesus & Parker in both

Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, has said that states that cut funding to UNRWA could be violating their obligations under the Genocide Convention.

Revision Aids

British politician Jeremy Corbyn has called the UKs decision to suspend UNRWA assistance an act of collective punishment against the people of Gaza.

"Yesterday, the ICJ found a plausible risk of genocide in Gaza.

Today, the UK has joined others in suspending funding to UNRWA.

This is collective punishment our government should be ashamed of its moral depravity toward Palestinians starving to death."

"Nine countries suspend funding to UNRWA in the middle of a war as humanitarian needs for people in deepen. It is indeed a stain on humanity.

Juliette Touma

"Israel says it will stop UNRWA from operating in Gaza after war"

"Israel's foreign ministry says it will stop UNRWA, the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, from operating in Gaza once the war between Israel and Hamas ends.
Israel has accused several UNRWA staff of being involved in Hamas Oct. 7 terror attack, which killed hundreds and sparked the war."

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Strolling down the memory lane of a town too tough to die, where every dust swirl carries echoes of spurs and every shadow has a story.

Fire On Seeking

UN Warns of Potential Aid Slowdown to Ukraine

Head of Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Criticizes Lack of Political Will to Support Ukraine

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In the digital realm, where circuits intertwine with human essence, she gazes out, a stunning fusion of the organic and the electronic.

Ukraines Plan B: How Long Can the Country Last Without Foreign Financial Assistance

has vociferously backed the proposed compromise & has been a chief proponent of a stalled effort to send tens of billions of dollars in to , which have said must be tied to the deal.

s abrupt change in tone reflected the increasingly difficult challenge facing negotiators as they race to finalize that is already actively campaigning against.

All to the State of should end immediately. All government agencies that service Texas should stop operating within state lines (FAA, Planes grounded, DOT, Medicare, Social Security, etc) Railroad tracks that are managed by the federal government should be blocked from operating within Texas state boundaries.

In the meantime, Biden needs to declare an insurrection & use his powers under the to send military troops to Texas. Put an end to this crap

US Treasury Announces $11.8B Aid for Ukraines Financial Stability

Watch the award-winning 2023 documentary THROUGH THE MIRROR OF CHESS: A CULTURAL EXPLORATION featuring Tunde Onakoya, Founder of Chess in Slums Africa, doing great things from a small place together with The Gift of Chess.

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It's fascinating that Dan Crenshaw (MAGA-TX) is being sytmied on to by his fellow magats. They won't vote for immigration policy and border control they allegedly want because it's tied to the aid package.

This neatly illustrates that they *don't* actually want real border control that would totally fuck the model they have going. I don't think Dan quite understands that.

They want Russia to win Putin owns them. They *want* people to cross the border to be enslaved.

Lithuania Gears Up for Possible Russian Aggression, Urges Increased Aid to Ukraine

The Bulgarian government is seeking financial assistance for the *delivery* of armored personnel carriers to <donated> as part of their

During a meeting of the parliamentary defense committee on Jan.17, the Minister, , reported that had not yet sent the promised APCs from the countrys Ministry of Internal Affairs warehouses

Intelligence reports indicate that is planning a campaign of operations to discredit in pursuit of reducing international to the country.

This is likely to be the first of those discrediting operations.

There will be more.

reports indicate that is planning a campaign of operations to discredit in pursuit of reducing international to the country.

This is likely to be the first of those discrediting operations.

There will be more.

"Please guys, wake up": leaders push , on

A group of parliamentarians visited this week to press for more .

Messed up:

As listened inside the Oval Office, pitched a dramatic gambit to jump-start peace talks: Cutting off funding to a program providing critical to .
It was a startling idea, especially coming from the ambassador to the , who months earlier had toured a camp.

Germany has become the main provider of aid after the United States. Since the start of the war, it has provided a total of 5.97 billion euros in aid. In 2022, it provided 1.63 billion euros, and in 2023, it provided 4.34 billion euros.

Today's Guardian briefing highlights the "near insurmountable" obstacles to getting aid into Gaza.

"Though vehicles carrying aid are at the border trying to get in, the screening process conducted by Israeli authorities is exhaustive and the rules are unclear"

Warships are used to protect the oil ships and bomb but are not used to deliver to because says no. Let that fucking sink. This blockade could have have been stopped decades ago but wasnt and isnt because nobody cares about and the As far as the west is concerned they have been a collateral for more than half a century.

for Israeli captives and Palestinian civilians arrives in

EU chief says aid package for Ukraine will be approved with or without s approval

In December 2023, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban blocked the deal hours after the group agreed it would formally commence full membership talks with Ukraine

While famine arrives in Gaza, US Senate rejects Bernie Sanders bid to probe Israel over Gaza human rights concerns

There is a risk of Famine and it is increasing each day that the current situation of intense hostili

Germany became the main aid provider after the US. Since the beginning of the war, it has provided a total of 5.97 billion euros in aid. In 2022, it provided 1.63 billion euros, and in 2023, 4.34 billion euros.

Tania Hary, executive director at Gisha, the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, says Israeli authorities are limiting the kinds of goods that go into the besieged coastal enclave, where they can go, the party shipping said goods and the partys location.

Preventing and deadly in requires faster, safer access and more supply routes, 15 January 2024 Joint News Release Rome / Geneva / New York,

After grappling with the death of his firstborn, Khalif Lawrence, to cancer in December of 2022, dancehall artiste Aidonia has much to be thankful for with the birth of his second son a year later.

The Big Balla deejay shared a heartwarming photo of an intimate father-son moment on social media with his newborn.

His son who is almost a month old after being born on December 18, is swaddled in a brown blanket in his daddy's arms.

's opening at the 10 January 2024,

-- Almost 90% of the population of 1.9 million people have been displaced, and many have been forced to move multiple times.
-- Only 15 are functioning even partially.
-- We call on to approve requests by WHO and other partners to deliver humanitarian .

Aid trucks delayed when
Dual use items are withheld
Gaza waits in need

Ashbel Green, Presbyterian minister, lectures on the 8th Commandment, against theft. He sites four items as oppression of the poor: failure to pay wages, setting unfair wages or rent, even garnishing wages for rent. Green says God will avenge those who do this (Isaiah 3:15).

Many oppose the church talking about this, and claim traditional orthodoxy. Was the WSC (or Isaiah) updated

How can you help those suffering under these four sins

Aid once again flows
Breaking the war's suffocating hold
Gaza breathes hope anew

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