is given to everyone, only to

is given to everyone, only to some.

Sympathy shifted to Israel: many fear Iran attack has distracted aid effort

The US seems so preoccupied that officials are barely keeping track of shipments they last week said were a priority

pledges more as leaders push for funding on anniversary.

Its death there: babies and children hit hardest as tightens hold on

Estimated 27 children killed by famine, with fears many more will suffer lifelong effects, despite s promise of more

The food is there the is there, the won't let the people eat it and kill those who get close. It's that fucking simple

Its death there: babies and children hit hardest as famine tightens hold on

Estimated 27 children killed by famine, with fears many more will suffer lifelong effects, despite Israels promise of more aid

Europe live: over 1bn to be pledged for Sudan at Paris conference on first anniversary of war

The US Foreign Assistance Map

"The Foreign Assistance Trends map provides a really interesting overview of the changing geo-political priorities of the United States over time."

How did a Spanish chef gain a hotline to the White House

It is frustrating to watch these moronic attempts to supply aid to the famine stricken in Gaza.
Only the strong get hold of these parachute drops.

troops advance in as runs low on air

As Ukrainian officials plead for more Western and a U.S. package remains stalled in , is advancing on the battlefield in eastern Ukraine, seizing new territory and intensifying attacks to capture the town of Chasiv Yar and others in the region.


How did a Spanish chef gain a hotline to the White House -Gazawar

Pass your Test

Trump is not the president , period.

Were looking at it right now, and theyre talking about it, and were thinking about making it in the form of a loan instead of just a gift, Trump said during an appearance alongside Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) at the former presidents Mar-a-Lago estate.

still not reaching , as top official warns has started

becomes first US official to confirm famine, while aid workers decry continuing lack of help

: the obstacles to Gaza aid deliveries visual guide

Today on the last day of Eid we launch our website to help raise support for individuals and families seeking safe harbor out of Gaza

" "100% der Bevlkerung des Gazastreifens leidet unter akuter Ernhrungsunsicherheit... bentigen humanitre ", sagte Blinken.

Nach Angaben des Gesundheitsministeriums des Gazastreifens wurden durch israelischen Beschuss und Bodenoffensiven mindestens 33.360 Palstinenser im gettet und 74.993 verletzt, wobei zwei Drittel der Toten und sind."

Not safe to deliver aid.

Irans leaders have repeatedly vowed to punish for an April 1 strike in that killed several snr Iranian commanders. Israel has put its military on alert, & said on Wed that was threatening a significant attack.

Gen the American commander, will coordinate w/Israel on what is widely expected to be imminent retaliatory action by Iran & will also discuss the against in & operations there.

Hes also successfully nudging most to accept his call to abandon a national standard what was once a consensus position in the . Thats on top of s long-standing opposition to new , which remains stalled on the Hill.

So far, Trump is showing more proclivity for blocking GOP policy proposals than shaping them affirmatively, such as the bipartisan deal that he stopped earlier this year.

Read the list of items Israel will not allow into Gaza. Read it and weep. The callous disregard the Zionist regime has for needy Palestinians is absolutely appalling and unquestionably evil.

Oh, shoot, the French know which part is the ground and which part is the water!

(Unlike a certain other country who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty party.)

Spending foreign aid budget on refugees in UK wreaking havoc

today is day. Happy Aid!

On aid and more... This contradicts what the Israeli propaganda machine tells the world about all the aid going into Gaza ... maybe they mean all the aid that would go into Gaza if they didn't do their utmost to stop it.

Brati a sestry, pejeme krsn svtek du-l-fitr vm i vaim rodinm! A Bh pijme v pst, zajist vm bezpe, prosperitu a a mete oslavit tento svtek se svmi nejblimi.

Brothers and sisters, we wish you and your families a wonderful Idu-l-Fitr holiday! May God accept your fasting! May God provide you with safety and prosperity so you can celebrate the holiday with your loved ones.

Veille de lAd : des nocturnes comme rampe de lancement pour jeunes cratrices -el-fitr

New Golf Training Aid to Learn the Timing of the Release

from gift article expires in 30 days
--Under U.S. pressure, said more aid would go to Gaza. Is that happening--

the article is down from the one displayed on Mastodon

Short answer - *no*

Palestinian Relief Bundle

Hundreds of indie game dev creators are working together for this bundle. All proceeds go to PCRF, the Palestine Children's Relief Fund!

Mardi soir sera le dernier jour de jene
Bel !

Dans une allocution tlvise tenue ce soir, lundi 08 avril 2024, le de la Rpublique, Hichem Ben Mahmoud a annonc quaprs observation, la nouvelle lune du mois de na pu tre dtecte.

De ce fait, il a annonc que le mercredi 10 avril 2024 sera le jour de l -Fitr.

has privately said he could end s war in Ukraine by pressuring Ukraine to give up territory. foreign policy experts say that would reward & condone the violation of internationally recognized by .
Trumps proposal consists of pushing Ukraine to cede & the border region to Russia. That approachwould dramatically reverse s policy, of curtailing Russian aggression & providing military to Ukraine.

Biden's actions need to start speaking louder that his words if he wants to get Israel to cease fire.

officials who want to deny to civilians merit , groups say

Peak body for Australian aid groups joined by faith groups and health experts saying there is no excuse for due to impact of

Scroll to 34:30 in today's Broadcasting House (2024-04-07) for a classic piece of radio as Simon Boas from the Channel Island, Jersey, who's accomplished and given a lot of himself in his 46 years reads a statement about accepting a terminal cancer diagnosis in light of the life he's already led.

There's also a newspaper article if you prefer to read.

A wave of ongoing reminders is in order.


What was preventing Israel from opening routes for humanitarian aid into Gaza *before* being urged to by Joe Biden

Quelles sont les traditions de l' dans le monde
L'Ad -Fitr, marquant la fin du mois sacr du , est une clbration joyeuse et fdratrice pour les du monde entier. Au-del des aspects religieux, cette fte est l'occasion de se runir en famille, de partager des repas copieux et de perptuer des traditions qui varient d'un pays l'autre.

Hey friends and followers, and I have been having a discussion about our Patreon support tiers - if we created a support tier at $1 USD / month, would that encourage people to sign up to support the podcast Or is it just basically the same as the current $3USD tier What do you think

Since I'm located in Canada, the lowest support tier starts at $4.50 up here, which is kind of a lot, so I thought a tier below that might be more accessible for folks around the world who want to support us, but just can't justify the $4.50/month (or however much it translates to in their country's currency).

So, we decided to poll folks to get a sense of what people might like! What do you think about our adding a $1USD tier

Israel opens routes for deliveries after #'s stark # to News

Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, Syria they will all rise again, not through guns and bullets, but through picks and shovels, hammers and saws. from the international community will help a little, but as always, it will be the people themselves who do the real work.