"International aid to Ukraine has dropped

"International aid to Ukraine has dropped to record lows in recent months, to less than $1 billion monthly."

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"Israel agrees to reopen southern Gaza border crossing to permit more aid"

Japan and Malaysia signed a security assistance deal on Saturday, including a grant of 400 million ($2.8 million), to boost Malaysia's maritime security, as Asian nations seek to counter an increasingly assertive China.

EU leaders delay
No agreement on aid for Ukraine
Ignoring the need

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"Gaza-Israel crossing reopens to allow more aid"

"The Israeli security cabinet on Friday approved the opening of the Kerem Shalom border between Israel and southern Gaza to allow aid trucks to enter the enclave, the prime minister's office said."

May Be the Next to Lose His .

in his that to on , and . It could also cost him his job.

on Friday blocked the from approving a financial package for , though leaders agreed to officially open negotiations for Ukraine to join the bloc, an important breakthrough for Kyiv as it tries to bolster support from its .

Notably, it also extends the Assistance Initiative, the vehicle through which the admin has helped support Ukraines ongoing war w/ Russia, through fiscal 2027. However, the bulk of any future Ukraine part of Bidens emergency national security funding request remains mired in battles & appears unlikely to pass this year, if at all.

House on Thurs passed the annual policy bill, delivering a rebuke to its most members who had sought to infuse the w/a wish list of provisions to undo policies encompassing access, + rights & initiatives.

this phenomenon goes back probably to its inception. The 's and or other type will always steal the because they can.

In an active war or conflict it's more than some hypothetical morality exercise.

There's no winning move here. Like tic-tac-toe.

O Great President Zelensky, we see
Your country torn by war and strife
You traveled to DC for a plea
To help restore Ukraine's dear life

Republicans we must convince
Aid to Ukraine is our defense
Let us together stand and advance
And bring Ukraine back to purest chance

: Bombs on crossing today - the only lifeline for to Gaza and the . 2023-DEC-12

Image source (active map):

: Bombs on crossing today - the only lifeline for to Gaza and the . 2023-DEC-12


Diana Rigg's daughter champions aid-in-dying movement -in-dying

Elderly Woman To Reporter Near A Khan Yunis Hospital: Takes All The To Their Tunnels And Homes They Can Shoot Me, I Am Not Afraid Of Them

For some , internal tensions unearth long-overdue debates - An increasingly vocal swathe of aid professionals is urging orgs to step out from behind the long-held tones of measured neutrality and express moral outrage at Israel's destruction of civilian lives and infrastructure -

Report: Sarah Murphy Madia for

Biden Implores Congress to Approve More Ukraine Aid
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U.S. President Joe Biden implored Congress on Wednesday to approve more arms aid to Ukraine, saying that failing to pass the assistance would be the "greatest gift" the United States could hand Russian President Vladimir Putin in Putin's nearly two-year war against the neighboring country....

block bill over spotlighting waning support in for backing Ukraines fight against , & left its fate uncertain.

Republicans on Wed blocked an emergency spending bill to fund the in , demanding strict new restrictions in exchange & jeopardizing Pres 's push to replenish the war chests of American before the end of the year.

In the meantime, s departure will further narrow a fractious *majority* in the at a time when the chamber faces major decisions on spending & foreign .
McCarthys term was set to end in January 2025. He represents s 20th District, which covers much of the states Central Valley.

Biden can seize Russian cash in U.S, Harvard law professor says.

The fate of the $110.5 billion package which includes to as it fends off a invasion, in its war against as well as funds & aid has looked dim since began demanding politically fraught changes to & other policies in exchange for Ukraine funding last month.

lawmakers careen toward failed vote on
Billions in additional stuck as push security, walk out of classified briefingSenators began blaming each other Tues for the looming potential failure to provide additional aid to Ukraine as fragile negotiations over a package continued to break down amid demands for far-reaching restrictions.

Josep Borrell says he was told by UN relief chief Martin Griffiths that the bombing in southern Gaza has made it impossible for the organisation to continue its work unless there is an immediate ceasefire.

U.S. financial aid to Israel, 19512023:

In 2023, Biden requested an additional USD14.3 billion in aid.

In the territory's northern part, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA said at least 50 people were killed in an Israeli air strike that hit ...

Intense Israeli air strikes hit the south of the Gaza Strip on Monday, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians, including in areas where Israel had told people to seek shelter, residents and journalists on the ground said.

Oh hurray.

Disability stopped payments back in March because we forgot to update our address. Thanks to multiple eyes on the finances no one noticed until today. Would you be surprised to learn that the federal government isn't going to pay me the $18k they otherwise would have


# (You bet your ass this is because of politics)

"Why doesn't the Israeli government just openly admit it is committing war crimes. The legal duty to allow humanitarian aid to civilians in need is absolute, not contingent on any behavior by Hamas. If the ICC's Karim Khan QC is paying attention, he could file charges tomorrow."

Kenneth Roth, former executive director of Human Rights Watch

on Friday the number of trucks it allowed into after the ceasefire collapsed, the government coordination office in the territories () told .

The big picture: The move comes despite the making clear in recent days that it expected the increased levels of and entering Gaza during the pause in fighting to continue even when the temporary ended.

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Ukraine aids best-kept secret: Most of the money stays in the U.S.A.

My conservative Quaker meeting of a dozen friends contributed more than a thousand dollars in humanitarian aid to ukraine this quarter

not bad for pacifists

The Government Media Office in Gaza has issued a statement outlining the situation in the bombarded territory:

It said, among others:

The Gaza Strip needs 1,000 aid trucks daily to recover.
Hundreds of fuel trucks are needed over a period of weeks.
There is also a need for civil defence equipment, machines and medical devices.
The health sector has completely collapsed.
The wheel of life has stopped in Gaza.

UNRWA delivers clean water to north Gaza for first time since war began

The UN agency, which provides relief to Palestinian refugees, says its aid convoys reached areas in the north of the besieged coastal enclave, where it delivered food, tents, urgent medical supplies and clean water.

Landing craft and floating platforms: Cyprus outlines plans for seaborne aid to Gaza.

A sea corridor from Cyprus to supply humanitarian aid to Gaza is creating some formidable logistical challenges and could require innovative fixes ranging from landing craft to a large floating platform, where ships can unload containers.

A number of humanitarian aid and trucks have been delivered to the northern Gaza Strip by the UN.

This is the first time that humanitarian aid could be delivered to the north of the Gaza Strip as the Israeli occupation did not allow for the UN or for any other international organisations to distribute humanitarian aid to this area, including hospitals, which is considered to be a battle zone for the Israeli forces.


World Central Kitchens Relief Team is in and working tirelessly to send more trucks into . These trucks are filled with kitchen equipment, water systems & food. WCK is building a large scale kitchen in to feed as many people as they can.

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