Harry Burton on political cartoon gallery

Harry Burton on political cartoon gallery in London

Gazans watch the skies to spot planes droppingaid

The BBC boards a US aid flight as air drops increasingly become the last resort for foreign governments.

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"Israels restriction of this aid and 's to on this is absolutely ," wrote the six .

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State Department Failing to Track $44Bln in US Economic Aid to Ukraine - GAO Report

State Department Fai

In early June 1940, British troops evacuated from Dunkirk, & was overrun by the . In Sept, the very month of the cmtes formation, German troops were in Paris & Edward R. Murrow was reporting from under bombardment by the . That was the moment the movement launched itself into the battle to to .

Russian ops are laying the groundwork for what could be a stronger push to support candidates who oppose aiding , or who call for pulling the back from & other alliances, US ofcls & independent researchers say.

Investigators say that firms working in the network & s agencies duplicating the tactics are using the techniques to replicate & distort legitimate sites in order to undermine to Ukraine.

The Associated Press: top orders to open more land crossings for into

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Israel to provide immediate, unhindered delivery of aid to Gaza as part of new provisional measures issued in a genocide case brought by South Africa.

The speaker discusses Saudi Arabia's humanitarian aid to Ukraine, with five out of fifteen planes carrying 72 tons of aid enroute. The speaker ponders the Ukrainians' response to this aid, considering their historically pro-Israel stance. The speaker also touches upon the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and Israel's involvement.

Additionally, the speaker expresses concern about the negative portrayal of Muslims, particularly Palestinians, in the media and the potential threat this could pose to Saudi Arabia. The speaker concludes by acknowledging the intricate regional interests that will shape future relations between Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Palestine.

The repetition of casualties due to air-drop operations is painful, harsh, and tragic.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine described the martyrdom of 18 Palestinian citizens due to the incorrect air-drop of aid, including 12 drownings and 6 due to stampedes, as painful, harsh, and tragic, which must be stopped immediately due to their ineffectiveness and causing the martyrdom and injury of dozens of hungry and exhausted citizens due to the occupations crimes in recent weeks.

The Front considered the repetition of casualties due to air-drop operations on citizens or houses, or due to their failure to reach everyone, or their falling into the sea or inside the occupied lands, confirms the necessity to stop this process because its results are contrary to its goals, especially since some air-drop operations are showy, or an attempt to create an alternative to land routes, and to absolve the occupation of its crimes and the starvation war it wages on our people.

The Front confirmed that the alternative to humiliating air operations is to introduce aid through all crossings, especially the Rafah crossing, and via land routes to all areas of the Strip without exception. The deliberate overlook by the international community of this essential priority means contributing to the suffering of our people and more victims due to the sterile and harmful air-drop operations.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department

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Twelve people reported drowned off a beach trying to reach drop.

Palestinian authorities say deaths resulted from attempts to recover crates that fell in water after parachutes went wrong

Deadly aid

"International law says different: that Israel has a duty, not just to open the gates, but to use all means available to it to get food and medicine to the people under its control."

Britains capability & expertise on foreign aid has been diminished since international development was merged into the Foreign Office this had undermined credibility & accountability of the UKs development power, on top of the governments cuts to the aid budget

AOC's recent statements show how she's becoming my new favorite candidate-in-waiting for President. She hasn't lost her fire but her communications seem newly pragmatic. Here's her take on -to-Israel

Destruction, lawlessness and red tape hobble aid as Gazans go hungry Reuters

U.N. officials have accused Israel of blocking humanitarian supplies to Gaza. The European Unions foreign policy chief alleged Israel was using starvation as a weapon of war. And aid agency officials say Israeli red tape is slowing the flow of trucks carrying food supplies.

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"Gazas risk of famine is accelerating faster than anything weve seen this century

Everyone in Gaza is facing crisis levels of hunger. Its entirely preventable."

"Gazas risk of famine is accelerating faster than anything weve seen this century

Everyone in Gaza is facing crisis levels of hunger. Its entirely preventable."

will no longer approve food to northern ,
Head of agency says authorities told that convoys will no longer be approved amid man-made

is state sponsored

The U.S. government will defund the United Nations agency that aids Palestinians through next year even as 1.1 million people in Gaza face threats of famine in coming months on the basis of flimsy allegations by Israel against a tiny minority of the agencys staff that have yet to be proven.

I despair.

blocks delivery to northern for 2nd time this week: agency

Here, from this crossing, we see the heartbreak and heartlessness of it all. A long line of blocked relief trucks on one side of the gates, the long shadow of starvation on the other. That is more than tragic. It is a moral outrage."

Antonio Guterres

North Sinai governor Mohamed Shousha has said some 7,000 trucks are waiting in the region to deliver aid to Gaza.

He said that inspection procedures demanded by Israel had held up the flow of relief.

International organizations await Israeli approval to transfer medicine and aid

MEMO correspondent Mohammed Asad reports on the at the separation point between central Strip and Gaza City, where crews and await to vital and .

Has David Cameron admitted the UK is helping Israel commit war crimes Vox Political

Cameron Sivier Political

Russia and China veto US resolution stating imperative of immediate and sustained ceasefire in

The obstacles to deliveries visual guide -

The crisis is an artificially created one. Gaza, population roughly 2.3 million, is not geographically isolated. The small strip of land on the eastern Mediterranean coast served as a well-connected port for centuries, linking Asia with Europe.

is used as a weapon of war, the foreign policy chief, , said this week. is provoking .

Rep. Ken Buck (Colo.) became the first GOP member to sign the House Democrats aid discharge position on Thursday, just one day before he is set to retire from Congress.
The discharge petition, formally launched earlier this month by House Democrats, is an attempt to force consideration of a Senate-passed $95 million foreign aid package, which includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine.

The Sequel Med Tech Twiist with Tidepool Loop. Where did it come from, and what is it
With the recent announcement of the Twiist Insulin pump and AID with Tidepool Loop, a lot of people were left scratching their heads.

Where had this device come from It

De Russen zijn zeer bedreven geworden in het jammen, oftewel het verstoren van de verbinding tussen drone en dronepiloot. De Oekraeners verliezen hierdoor dagelijks vele drones. Door ze zelfstandig te maken met behulp van AI worden ze minder gevoelig en dus ook dodelijker.

Do the understand that 90% of the to actually stays in the and contributes opportunities for within the

sends old stockpile which may just have a few more years before it has to be destroyed to Ukraine and the money is then used to produce new stock and this far it's been 100% US contractors.

The delay on aid to Ukraine will just lead to more and more people looses their


The memo also requires recipient countries to facilitate & not arbitrarily deny, restrict or otherwise impede, directly or indirectly, the transport or delivery of assistance or US-supported international efforts to provide .

has repeatedly said it is not impeding aid & charged the w/incompetence in distributing assistance & w/ looting aid trucks. The admin has disputed those assertions.

has said that the are developing a plan to *evacuate* from , although the by far the largest distributor of in has said that nowhere is safe & that it will not be party to , itself a violation of .

report finds imminent risk of catastrophic in Strip

Findings come as secretary general calls on to give unconditional access to Gaza for relief

Starving Palestinians in Gaza Scramble for Aid Drops