Giving countries in debt distress just

Giving countries in debt distress just enough relief to stay afloat leaves them at risk in the event of a further shock.

Calls for a global fund to tackle air pollution, killer of 7m a year

Deadly attack on Gaza aid seekers

The Israeli military has killed more than 100 Palestinians and injured nearly 700 more in an attack on a crowd waiting for food in Gaza City.

Hundreds of starving Palestinians had gathered to collect food aid when the Israeli military opened fire on them, in an attack that has been described as a massacre of civilians.

Israels army says its soldiers were forced to open fire because they felt threatened by the large crowd.

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Vietnam's Communist Party is seeking to tighten control over trade unions and monitor foreign activities, conflicting with international labor commitments, according to human rights advocacy group, The 88 Project.

"US blocks UN Security Council statement blaming Israel for deadly Gaza aid stampede"

"Frances Macron says Gazans swarming humanitarian convoy were targeted by Israeli soldiers

Liar. No they weren't. That's why we blocked it.

"US seeks probe of Gaza aid stampede IDF tried to disperse mob that ambushed trucks"

"IDF shares drone footage showing tanks retreating as crowds of Palestinians swelled around convoy"

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One thing we know for sure: Hamas are mass murderers and serial liars well-versed in media propaganda strategy and use. To believe Hamas is to be willfully deceived.

"Biden: US checking competing versions of Gaza aid trucks incident"

"US President says event may harm hostage negotiations Hamas says IDF killed 104 people trying to access aid, Israel says most deaths occurred because of stampede"

UK accused of moving goalposts on climate finance commitments (Icai)

"Dozens killed in Gaza aid stampede IDF says its fire caused no more than 10 casualties"

"Hamas puts toll at 104, blames Israel, could suspend hostage talks IDF: Most casualties were trampled or run over troops did not fire on crowd, shot at several Gazans who endangered them."

Live Updates: As Hungry Gazans Crowd an Aid Convoy, a Crush of Bodies, Israeli Gunshots and Chaos

The Gazan health ministry said in a statement that more than 100 people were killed and more than 700 injured in a massacre.

The Israeli official acknowledged that troops had opened fire, but said most of the people had been killed or injured in a stampede.


As soon as people approached incoming trucks carrying food aid, they were shot at. There were attack drones in the sky. There was also fire from naval forces and armoured vehicles in the vicinity.

All at once, these military forces fired at a group of people who were hungry, traumatised and displaced. People who were just trying to get their hands on whatever they could to feed their families and stay alive.

There are still injured people left on the road.


The death toll has risen to at least 104 Palestinians killed and 760 injured from the early morning attack in Gaza City, Gazas Health Ministry has said.

"Let them eat led."

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Watchdog says ministers reclassified 1.7bn of existing but may still miss promises to poorer countries


Israeli troops opened fire on a group of Palestinian aid-seekers in Gaza City who dangerously approached them, according to an Israeli military official quoted by Israeli media.

At least 81 Palestinians were killed and 700 injured when they were attacked at a roundabout south of Gaza City while waiting for food aid, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

They must have felt threatened by the clanging of the empty pots.

Dont send us aid if its going to get us killed

We have come here to get our hands on some aid, one Palestinian man told Quds News Network after the attack on al-Rashid Street, southwest of Gaza City, which killed and wounded dozens of civilians.

I have been waiting since yesterday. At about 4:30 this morning, trucks started to come through. Once we approached the aid trucks, the Israeli tanks and warplanes started firing at us as if it was a trap, said the man.

False : Why should stop slashing aid to

The first two months of 2024 have seen the and member states redirect billions of euros of funding away from Africa but this could come at great cost to their long-term interests on the

In January and February 2024, and entities cut 4.8 billion in long-term development and climate funding, much of which had been destined for . This comes at a time when poverty in Africa is worsening for the first time in a generation. It also coincides with waning European influence on the continent, as well as concern among s leaders and about how this affects their interests. Despite the multiple pressures Europeans are facing, redirecting funding away from Africa now simply seems wrong-headed.

The funding cuts which together amount to 6 per cent of annual development funding from , , and the Union are underpinned by various national dilemmas and imperatives. s constitutional court, for instance, barred the governments efforts to reallocate unused covid-era debt to its green transition fund, which left a 17 billion hole in the s budget. It had to find cuts somewhere 2 billion of redirected foreign aid seemed to fit the bill. Frances attempts to balance its own books have resulted in cuts to development funding of around 800m. The European Council, meanwhile, in securing a 50 billion package of funding for , also quietly diverted more than 2 billion from long-term development programmes to fund migration management as part of the same deal on the EUs long-term budget.

These examples are part of a wider trend. According to OECD statistics, 2022 saw s overall share of fall to less than at any other time this century, even as aid levels more broadly hit an all-time high. That year, the worlds official development assistance for almost 1.5 billion people in Africa was roughly the same as funding for Ukraine population 44 million. This excludes aid.


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Sen. , D-N.Y., spoke to reporters after meeting with President and other congressional leaders at the

He believed the talks on averting a government shutdown were productive and discussions on for were "intense."

Revision Aids

Jordan humanitarian aid drop

Jordan air-drops aid into Gaza with help of French plane

The Jordanian army on Monday said it had carried out a series of humanitarian aid drops of food and other supplies into the besieged Gaza Strip, one of them by a French army plane. Jordanian forces made "four air drops carrying aid for the people of Gaza", under the directive of Jordanian King Abdullah II, a statement said....

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Hundreds wait for amongst ruins of City

Palestinians hold out their empty containers to be filled with food, distributed by charity organizations, behind bars since they are unable to obtain basic food supplies due to the embargo imposed by Israeli forces in Rafah, Gaza. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images


The has signaled many times that we're ready to integrate into European democracies. Yet our actions are doing the exact opposite

Right now, greed is the single reason why is losing ground and lives at the front lines. Countries like , and are blocking ammunition purchases outside of while the ammunition shortage is extremely dire

to from , and has been around 0.07% of total GDP

suspends to northern amid collapse of civil order

Desperation of people searching for food in southern areas is making journeys north unsafe, says UN

Britain can play a role in bringing peace to Gaza, but first leaders have to get serious Gaby Hinsliff -Gazawar

ofcls said police have also stopped serving as security guards for convoys, paralyzing deliveries in the enclave, where some hungry families have resorted to eating weeds & animal feed & are selling stolen food at astronomical rates on the black market.

After a string of Israeli attacks on members of s -run force, officers withdrew earlier this month from the side of the Kerem Shalom crossing w/ . Since they left, trucks have been attacked in the crossings holding area, acc/to coordinator James McGoldrick. Drivers have been shot at, attacked w/ axes & box cutters, & had their windows smashed, he said.

On avg, only 62 trucks have entered Gaza each day over the past 2 wks, acc/to figures from the Office for the Coordination of Affairs well below the 200 trucks per day has committed to facilitating. Just 4 trucks crossed on 2 separate days this wk. groups, which have warned of a looming , estimate that 500 trucks are needed each day to meet peoples basic needs.

They can't! It's 'genocide!'

"Israeli official confirms plan for locals to run humanitarian pockets in Gaza"

"Israel is seeking Palestinians who are not affiliated with Hamas to manage civilian affairs in areas of the Gaza Strip designed as testing grounds for post-war administration of the enclave...The Israeli official said the planned 'humanitarian pockets' would be in districts of the Gaza Strip from which Hamas has been expelled..."

Humanitarian aid workers are becoming even more critical to survival in Gaza. We need to protect them against constant Israeli bombardment.

From the UN Secretary General:

The humanitarian aid operation in Gaza is now on life support. It is barely functioning.

Humanitarians are working under unimaginable conditions including live fire, multiple physical obstacles and Israeli restrictions, as well as the breakdown of public order.

Please support us:

Hope for Gazans trapped under Hamas terrorist rule.

"IDF said advancing Gaza City pilot to have unaffiliated locals take over governance"

"TV report says military met with community leaders in Zeitoun neighborhood, wants them to take charge them of aid distribution in hopes of establishing alternative to Hamas rule."


Palestinian children marching with empty stomachs, banging empty pots to demand the distribution of aid resume.

"Does the UN hold my son mother of murdered hostage asks as families assail UNRWA"

"At press conference, Hostages and Missing Families Forum airs video of agency worker abducting body, as activists decry management that enabled members to aid October 7 attack"

Children collect spilled flour from the ground after Gaza aid chaos Israel War on Gaza

NewsFeed A video of children collecting flour off the ground shows how serious the hunger situation is in Gaza. Published On 20 Feb 202420 Feb 2024

Sure looks like it. Guess it's only a 'humanitarian crisis' when Israel can be blamed.

"Israel Says It's the UN That Is Failing to Deliver Aid to Gaza"

So UN are contributing to the Gaza humanitarian crisis now. People still need to eat, hypocrites. Oh, maybe they can blame it on Israel

"UN Food Agency Suspends Aid To North Gaza After Gunfire, Looting"