For over 2 million people, about

For over 2 million people, about 38,000 into by U.S. military in operation

U.S. military C-130 cargo planes dropped food in pallets over Gaza on Saturday in the opening stage of an emergency humanitarian assistance authorized by President after more than 100 starving Palestinians were killed in an aid convoy ambush by Israeli troops. Billions in aid for this continue to pour in from the .

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At Cowfish Cafe and Nightclub in Eugene, Oregon () at Friday night (probably around 9 PM based on other parties they've had) April 5th, the proceeds will go towards two Palestinian organizations. Complete text is in the alt text. I forgot to post this when I saw it.

1/2 : Two different stories from . First that of , who you may know continue to occupy territories in the but now also took to disrupting the passage of into . These activists successfully walked into Gaza to seize aid and were not arrested, as the looked on. They even set up a symbolic settlement at the border entrance. Story via : Oren Ziv

In the lobby of the grand Biltmore Hotel in CoralGables, FL, where a sprawling new force in Washingtons ecosystem, the , was holding its winter conference, the fmr adviser was exultant.

Did you hear the War Room today was on fire! she said to a friend. She was referring to the podcast hosted by , who had been condemning senators for supporting billionsin to & earlier.

The hypocrisy: Israels greatest arms supplier drops food aid on Gaza Vox Political

Hypocritical murderous twats
Biden States Sivier Political

NPR: "In North Gaza, a local soup kitchen tries to compensate for hunger amid dwindling aid"


"Majority killed by stampede in Gaza aid convoy catastrophe, IDF probe finds"

"Our initial review has confirmed that no strike was carried out by the IDF towards the aid convoy, the IDF published in a statement.

U.S. air drops aid to Gaza

"At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you." Wolfgang Goethe

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"IDF vows probe of deadly Gaza aid chaos, rejects claim it deliberately hurt civilians"

"Spokesman says military has all material needed to complete 'exhaustive investigation, and present findings dismisses as baseless accusations of intentional harm."

Source: Gaza Group


While Israel continues killing and destruction, Arab and Western allies help conceal their collective complicity and failure through farcical and meaningless aid airdrop shows, in ceaseless attempts to humiliate our steadfast people and invent methods of horror that push them into the trap of inevitable death in their quest for survival and being. Stop the starvation of northern Gaza and the farce of airdrops.

Source: Gaza Group

Many of those killed in stampede were shot by EU diplomats

Footage shows US planes flying by while conducting aid airdrop

"U.S. makes first airdrop in Gaza"

"U.S. military planes conducted their first airdrop of humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza on Saturday afternoon local time, U.S. and Israeli officials say.

A U.S. official told Axios he expect more airdrops to take place in the coming days."

The airdrops contribute to ongoing govt efforts to provide life-saving assistance to the people in , the stmnt said. We are conducting planning for potential follow-on airborne delivery missions.

3 cargo planes airdropped 66 pallets over SW Gaza, acc/to a US ofcl. The pallets contained 38k MREs.

The made its first of into on Sat in partnership w/ , as the admin tries to prevent a greater disaster amid frustration w/ .

US planes conducted the along w/the Jordanian Air Force, the US said in a stmnt on Sat.

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Gaza City
Palestinians run along a street as humanitarian aid is airdropped in Gaza City.

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Palestinians gather in a street destroyed by Israeli bombardments as humanitarian aid supplies are airdropped in Gaza City on March 1, 2024 AFP

Innocent people got caught in a terrible unable to feed their families, & you saw the response when they tried to get aid in. & we need to do more, & the will do more, said before meeting w/PM of .

Biden said that the US would work w/ , which has been at the forefront of efforts to , as well as other to deliver by air & that supplies could, eventually, also be delivered by sea.

said on Fri that the would begin supplies into , a decision prompted by the who were killed as the opened fire near an convoy in Gaza City a day earlier.


WASHINGTONWASHINGTONPOST - The United States is set to begin humanitarian to in the coming to help bring relief to caught in the of the with , said on Friday.
The plan to drop supplies into signals a that the current to address the humanitarian crisis havent been , U.S. officials said, and reflects the on Biden to act.

approves airdrops of into after chaotic encounter left more than 100 dead

"Biden says U.S. will airdrop aid to Gaza"

The EU reinstates funding to UNRWA starting next week:

The will ' allocate an additional EUR 68 million to support the Palestinian population across the region to be implemented through international partners like the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. This comes in addition to the foreseen EUR 82 million of aid to be implemented through UNRWA in 2024, bringing the total to EUR 150 million.'

Wow. 50-million headed Hamas's way from EU next week.

"EU to continue funding UNRWA as it probes alleged staff involvement in Oct 7 attacks"

"The Commission confirmed on Friday morning that it will proceed with the 82 million payment foreseen for UNRWA in 2024, with a first 50-million tranche to be paid next week."

Gaza Death Toll Passes 30,000 as IDF Massacres Crowd of Starving Civilians
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"Israel deliberately targeting civilians after starving them is a gross violation of international humanitarian laws and our humanity," said Oxfam. "The risk of genocide is real."

Israeli forces on Thursday opened fire on a...

Giving countries in debt distress just enough relief to stay afloat leaves them at risk in the event of a further shock.

Calls for a global fund to tackle air pollution, killer of 7m a year

Deadly attack on Gaza aid seekers

The Israeli military has killed more than 100 Palestinians and injured nearly 700 more in an attack on a crowd waiting for food in Gaza City.

Hundreds of starving Palestinians had gathered to collect food aid when the Israeli military opened fire on them, in an attack that has been described as a massacre of civilians.

Israels army says its soldiers were forced to open fire because they felt threatened by the large crowd.

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Vietnam's Communist Party is seeking to tighten control over trade unions and monitor foreign activities, conflicting with international labor commitments, according to human rights advocacy group, The 88 Project.

"US blocks UN Security Council statement blaming Israel for deadly Gaza aid stampede"

"Frances Macron says Gazans swarming humanitarian convoy were targeted by Israeli soldiers

Liar. No they weren't. That's why we blocked it.

"US seeks probe of Gaza aid stampede IDF tried to disperse mob that ambushed trucks"

"IDF shares drone footage showing tanks retreating as crowds of Palestinians swelled around convoy"

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One thing we know for sure: Hamas are mass murderers and serial liars well-versed in media propaganda strategy and use. To believe Hamas is to be willfully deceived.

"Biden: US checking competing versions of Gaza aid trucks incident"

"US President says event may harm hostage negotiations Hamas says IDF killed 104 people trying to access aid, Israel says most deaths occurred because of stampede"

UK accused of moving goalposts on climate finance commitments (Icai)