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sends old stockpile which may just have a few more years before it has to be destroyed to Ukraine and the money is then used to produce new stock and this far it's been 100% US contractors.

The delay on aid to Ukraine will just lead to more and more people looses their


The memo also requires recipient countries to facilitate & not arbitrarily deny, restrict or otherwise impede, directly or indirectly, the transport or delivery of assistance or US-supported international efforts to provide .

has repeatedly said it is not impeding aid & charged the w/incompetence in distributing assistance & w/ looting aid trucks. The admin has disputed those assertions.

has said that the are developing a plan to *evacuate* from , although the by far the largest distributor of in has said that nowhere is safe & that it will not be party to , itself a violation of .

report finds imminent risk of catastrophic in Strip

Findings come as secretary general calls on to give unconditional access to Gaza for relief

Starving Palestinians in Gaza Scramble for Aid Drops

charge against is backed by mounting body of

Prospect of Israel facing charges has moved closer after condemnation of restrictions

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"Israel kills five senior Hamas officials in Rafah operation, IDF announces"

"As part of their operations, they managed Hamas activity in humanitarian zones and were responsible for coordination with Hamas operatives in the field."

The Caribbean island is going through its harshest economic crisis in three decades. The world should prepare for an eventual and sorely needed regime change.

live: body: one in five missions to northern denied access by authorities

In its latest report on the situation in Gaza, the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs has said that during the first two weeks of March, one in five missions to northern Gaza were denied access by the Israeli authorities.

Happiness is in not .

How credible is air dropped aid and assistance to Gaza when bombs and brutalities dominate the Israeli genocide Western military supplies continue to flood into occupation arms at the expense of Palestinians, and all those among them that are in the throes of death and destruction.

Look at Washington. It refuses to address this contradiction as it sponsors the Israeli unrelenting onslaught on starving Palestinians. Billions in military aid to the occupation effectively ensure no relief in a fast-spreading famine, calling into question the credibility of so-called US air drops.

By opting for such an air drop measure, Washington attempts to justify the Israeli occupations denial of critical humanitarian aid via conventional means. The Palestinians right to livelihoods and prosperity is unquestionably tied to their own agency, and not the decisions of a power that is hellbent on sponsoring the genocide militarily, politically and financially. The Wests hypocrisy is on full display as it floats rhetoric on peace and stability, but turns a blind eye to growing hunger, rampant famine, and scores of mothers that are struggling to feed their children amid sponsored bombing.

The end goal of such inadequate, hypocritical and condescending aid is not to alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian suffering of Palestinians, or provide essential relief to civilians. It is to further entrench the Israeli occupation, which has used starvation as an instrument of brazen repression and genocidal aggression against the Palestinian people. Famine in northern Gaza has reached fatal levels, especially for children, pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases, said Ashraf al-Qudra, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza. Thousands of people are at risk of dying of starvation, he warned.

As Gazas starvation toll reaches double figures, the West shows no signs of relinquishing arms and other military supplies that are at the heart of occupation belligerence. The United States has reportedly approved over 100 distinct military sales to Israel since its genocide in Gaza, underlining the farce of recent air-drops and US platitudes to support stability in the enclave. As the current president of Refugees International pointed out to the Washington Post, this is an extraordinary number of sales over the course of a pretty short amount of time which severely indicates that the Israeli genocidal campaign would not be sustainable without this level of U.S. support.

Washingtons proximity to rights groups, aid agencies, and striking UN assessments make clear that it is giving a carte blanche to Israel to step-up its bloodshed against starving Palestinians, and ignoring the humanitarian devastation on-ground. South Africas renewed pressure at the International Court of Justice is geared towards addressing that exact hypocrisy, and putting the unimaginable suffering of besieged Palestinians at the forefront of all actions. The threat of all-out famine has now materialised. The court needs to act now to stop the imminent tragedy by immediately and effectively ensuring that the rights it has found are threatened under the Genocide Convention are protected, said the South Africa presidency.

Where is Western protest as the Israelis ban visa access to aid workers due in Gaza How do millions in so-called Western humanitarian aid square off with billions in bombs and ammunition to the Israeli occupation The view from the ground-up is that life-saving aid is unilaterally and openly denied without protest from nations that sustain this genocidal status-quo in Gaza. Germanys own attitude towards Gazas unspeakable suffering is a proof point in itself. After all, Berlin claims that the suffering witnessed in Gaza is beyond description, but refuses to end its diplomatic appeasement of Israel to the detriment of peace and autonomy among Palestinians.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees also continues to serve as a prime target of Israeli-U.S. defamation and funding crunch, effectively serving occupation objectives of sustaining Gazas widespread human suffering. There is no meaningful deliberation from the West to empower and sustain the core UN assistance mechanism. Instead they acted in unity to cut off lifesaving financial assistance when scores of children fought for survival.

Present Western priorities remain increasingly focused on amplifying the Israeli UNRWA disinformation campaign, and their hypocrisy on a lasting, enduring, and justly negotiated ceasefire makes the West a chief aggressor against the liberties and survival of Palestinians. Now, some of the same Western sponsors of genocidal aggression are contemplating a shift in their cuts of UNRWA funding, desiring acknowledgment. But make no mistake: it is such Western attempts and attitudes that repeatedly trivialize the suffering, autonomy, and independence of Palestinian children and women beyond all bounds.

Thus understood, whether these are condemnable air drops or blatant attempts to dehumanize the Palestinians, Western actions on aid and assistance deserve the highest degree of denunciation. Outsized military support for occupation genocide pales any effort to ease humanitarian suffering in Gaza. In turn, this makes their hypocrisy on Palestine clear as day.

Hannan Hussain

source: Al Mayadeen

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Friends, please give generously to my campaign to raise funds for a family trapped in . And please share widely and repost!

Money to feed a family in Gaza

Biden has warned Netanyahu about crossing a red line, but that may cause more trouble than good, as history teaches us.

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Does anyone knows any decent international organization that can provide medical assistance for person with ASD and ARFID, granted that there's most likely a lot of stuff outside of ASD and ARFID issues Or even charity international organizations that can help in situation with health issues and whatnot. Thank you.

- - war: Germany calls for more larger-scale

proposal to speed up to focuses on inspecting shipments

The  aid advocacy organisation has reported that water purification tablets, nail clippers, insulin pens, tent poles, green-coloured sleeping bags, water filters and ventilators have all been banned. By

Whole shipments have been routinely rejected if they contain a single item deemed a security risk

"First Gaza aid ship unloads food, water and supplies at besieged enclave"

deliver 200 tons of in less than 2 weeks while the fiddle-farts for 2 months building a Taj Mahal

live: A second cargo of  was ready to depart by sea from  to  on Saturday, the islands president said, after a first aid shipment landed in the besieged  enclave overnight.

live: charity says all cargo offloaded from ship -

'One in three children under two years of age are now acutely in northern Gaza', says

So, what happens if (when) directly attacks deliveries to (not just the recipients)

Those who desire desire .

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People watch as ship carrying aid sails off the shore of Gaza, as seen from central Gaza Strip. REUTERS/Ahmed Zakot

Operation Safeena: WCK boat offloads in This is the org founded by the legendary Chef Jos Andrs

Right now!

Right now, on Tochnyi, come and listen.

How the US discharge petition can get 61 billion USD aid approved

I think it is a -, and I suspect it will need to be on , told Politico,
meaning that a bill funding would have to move via a fast-track procedure that prevents insurgents from bottling up bills in committees.

Passing this with Democratic votes, as would be necessary, would really shiv the MAGA faction.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of that factions leaders, has raged at the prospect of Johnson allowing Ukraine aid to move forward.
Donald Trump has urged Republicans to oppose it.

A lot will depend on how Johnson structures such a measure.

As Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle said, the of will be essential to watch, as will the question of whether its really a .

Is he really going to allow a straight up-or-down vote on the robust package thats needed Boyle asked.
Or will there be a poison pill attached

Still, Boyle said, the mere fact that Johnson has indicated this at all is a positive step in the right direction.

On that score, its worth noting that Johnson is in a brutal position right now. The MAGA noisemakers get all the attention, but a large bloc of House Republicans appears to want to vote for Ukraine aid, and many are influential in their own way.

Boyle says Republicans have told him that a number of senior Republicans are pushing Johnson to hold this stand-alone vote, which is one reason why Boyle views a vote as plausible.

live: ship from begins offloading

UN Staffer Among Dozens Killed, Injured by Israeli Attack on Rafah Food Center
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"The United Nations, its personnel, premises, and assets must be protected at all times," stressed the head of UNRWAwhich says that 400 Palestinian aid-seekers have been killed since last month's Flour Massacre.

At least five...

The White House insists on advancing a $60 billion aid bill for Ukraine, with bipartisan support expected. The bill aims to meet Ukraine's defense needs and global security challenges. The White House advisor urged the Republican Speaker to bring the Senate version of the bill for a vote.

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Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent ( 1.3 billion, or more than 17% of the world's population ). On the other hand, it remains one of the poorest continents in the world .

This page will help you understand why the continent is so in need of humanitarian aid and what actions it is possible to take at your level .

touches the soul and the body.

Please share, urgent need for Money.

I'm Mahmoud Alsayed from Palestine/ Gaza.
I have been living in Germany for a year and I trying to reunite my family in Germany (Malak, Leen, Eman, Menna, Muhammed) and my wife because they live in Gaza alone under bombardment.
Safebow will evacuate them from Gaza.
I will travel to Egypt on 2/4/24 To meet my family there ...

A ship carrying is nearing 48 hours after it left , with further aid preparations being made aboard a second much bigger vessel.

After the 240-mile voyage, the ship will dock at a jetty being built by the World Central Kitchen ().

- UN convoy uses new land route from to reach north

Explainer: Can supporters force a House vote on foreign

As House of Representatives Speaker refuses to allow a vote on the $95 billion foreign bill passed by the , supporters are turning to rare and complicated procedural tools to try to force a vote

The food convoy was denied entry into the Gaza strip by security forces. This is the second time the Israeli group "Standing Together" () has tried to deliver aid into the war zone.

"The Israeli security forces stopped us ... for the second time, but we are not giving up: we will continue to increase the pressure on the government, ... to allow ... humanitarian aid and to end the war."

Israels Flour Massacre When A Crime Becomes A Tragedy (Media Lens)

Far from jumping through hoops to be balanced and impartial, the BBC seems embarrassed even to associate Israel with its own crimes.

Examples of media bias from article:

According to their whatsapp group, the food truck from is being held up near Kerem Shalom by the police.

to see their updates, or for the whatsapp group.

'That's the Law': Senators Say Biden Must End Arms Sales If Israel Keeps Blocking Aid
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"Federal law is clear, and, given the urgency of the crisis in Gaza, and the repeated refusal of Prime Minister Netanyahu to address U.S. concerns on this issue, immediate action is necessary."

A group of senators said...