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Didn't manage dinner last night unfortunately because I was a little short. If you you're able to please spare a couple of bucks to help me sort something out this arvo it would mean a lot. Thanks

s foreign is in decline again. Thewar in Ukraine & potential threat of China have ralliedsupportto reach the NATO spending target of 2% of GDP theres a similarinternational yardstick on which Canada also falls well below: spending 0.7% ofGNI on official . The target was agreed on in 1970, following a.. commission led by For3 decades, Canadas contribution has languished around or below 0.3% of GNI.

Australia tells big development banks to lift their game in the Pacific

Certainly hearing more about the Fourteenth Amendment and it's application to and legislators.

Among the scholars are Marc , Judge , Lawrence , etc.

"...have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof"

Olena in spoke about the activities of her Foundation and the challenges the foundation seeks to address.

"Today, millions of Ukrainians need treatment, , and aid medical and educational infrastructure needs to be restored. That is why the foundation's team and I have focused on three important areas of work: humanitarian , and " -Olena Zelenska

Read more here

Can any of my Masto pals recommend any organisations working on the ground at the to provide immediate assistance to those displaced by the fires

I'll be releasing an album later which was made with one eye on the coverage from & areas & I want to donate a percentage of any sales, to assist in any small way I can.

So far all I've come up with is the Canadian Red Cross but I'm sure there must be other orgs in the area.


- On , let's commit ourselves to easing suffering and maintaining human dignity. Collaboratively, we can motivate progress, establish durable communities, and endorse a compassionate world. We salute the selfless devotion of relief workers who endanger their lives to assist others in distress.

That ufking former president, Dumbass Cheese Doodle trump, must have been turned away by an and ( woman)!

that traitor!

New confirms officials blocked from receiving

on 19 August: the tension between the de- and re-politicisation of has increased since the 1970s, says Steffi Marung from . And: also comes from the Global South.

on 19 August: the tension between the de- and re-politicisation of has increased since the 1970s, says Steffi Marung from . And: also comes from the Global South.

Hearing this makes me so angry. Trump only cares about himself and not American citizens. MAGA is bullshit. Trump, his allies, and supporters can all FUCK OFF!

Hey folks, I'm a bit short on cash right now and getting my comms done has been proving a bit difficult, I also have a couple expenses coming up so any help at all would be very appreciated!

But if any one has any knowledge or thoughts on this please do let me know


Nearly 14 million children in Sudan need humanitarian support: UNICEF

Some Red Cross / Red Crescent organisations appear to be more trustworthy and maybe even more legitimate than others...

Afghan Red Cresent, Vice-President, Mullah Nooruddin Turabi:

Less than a month before his appointment to this post, it's reported he said, "Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security"

Apparently he's meeting with "western diplomats" in Doha this week.

help those in need in Ukraine

Unser Mike hat in der Schweiz Pflegebetten und Sthle gesammelt, die in die Ukraine geliefert werden sollen. Ein groes Dankeschn an die Genossenschaft Wohnen im Alter in Altsttten!

Our good fellow Mike collected care beds and chairs in Switzerland that will be delivered to Ukraine. A huge thanks to Genossenschaft Wohnen im Alter in Altstaetten!

Important read: what will the cuts of foreign mean for

- UK foreign cuts: Thousands will as a result, says report

Biden against Trump,
From Ukraine, dirt he desired
In vain, plan repeated

Hey, moneybags. Help out pay for insurance here:

Via The New Humanitarian
Timid response hurts Congolese displaced by conflict
Talk to all nations, remember us, we are suffering here. It seems like the international community has already forgotten us.

In an environment of intertwined challenges, such as an existential climate crisis, pandemic recovery and a crippling European war, the World Bank has never been more relevant.

In an environment of intertwined challenges, such as an existential climate crisis, pandemic recovery and a crippling European war, the World Bank has never been more relevant.

has the highest total rate of any country in the world, averaging close to 7 children per woman in 2022. According to the 4 million people are in need of assistance - is now suspended in the aftermath of the
Meanwhile , the state broadcaster keeps playing funky military music of dancing soldiers ( watchers, remember Swan Lake) Tune in to for more with

on - 'the country facing a catastrophic crisis that has spilled into six countries, with 24 million people in need of humanitarian , including 2.6 million people internally displaced, and an additional 757 000 forced to flee across borders. These numbers are growing every day.

Inside Sudan, the situation has reached gravely serious levels, with more than 67% of the countrys out of service'

Im sure youve heard is Life
Apparently political pet projects are sucking the life out of communities!

The unpublished federal study aimed to explore whether earmarks had comported w/an executive order signed by Biden in 2021 that aims to deliver 40% of all federal benefit programs to cities & towns in greatest need. In total, it found that earmarks in 18 states last yr failed to meet that benchmark, depriving disadvantaged communities of an estimated $79M in water .

Hundreds of millions in returns to in on hotel bills

Exclusive: Payments underline absurdity of counting British accommodation as aid, say critics, and cost of application backlog

government cuts to by 70% since coup

on lifeline to could bring catastrophe for millions

Fears rise that UN could be forced into compromise with to keep vital corridor open from Turkey to rebel-held

Special counsel Jack Smiths investigation into Donald Trumps attempted coup has increasingly focused on the defeated presidents fraudulent scheme to overturn the 2020 election.

The conspiracy to defraud the U.S. with the fraudulent electors, conspiracy to obstruct the official proceeding by pressuring Mike Pence and inciting the insurrection.

Factually there were so many other facets, including fundraising, rally donations, threats to officials, help from members of Congress and others items.

But at its heart, these are the three pieces that it will lead back to.


The government has suddenly and drastically removed all funding for research. Officially, the government wants to rethink the -budget. Unofficially but publicly, gov't officials have shared and ridiculed research proposals aimed at and . Please help stop this attack on

Yesterday our friends at ACK Galicja built some Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), with items sent by us and others.

These kits were requested by and are already on their way to and Kharkiv Hardcore in , for distribution to frontline soldiers who need them.

Unfortunately, the need for this type of continues to increase.

Please consider helping us to keep sending essential aid!

Crossings denied
Unacceptable terms
Deliveries blocked

Where do I even start

Terms of offer on deliveries unacceptable, says
'In full cooperation and coordination with the government'

I need . I need to get a grassroots org fired up to oppose the right-wing Christians orgs meddeling with our politics and endangering our and children, and our province as a whole.

I operate webservers, and can quickly mobilise webapps, websites, produce graphics...

I need to reach regular people, and I want to do it off corporate social media as much as possible. I need suggestions, templates, etc.

Syria cross-border aid lifeline facing closure after UNrift

On Tuesday, Russia used its veto to block another compromise resolution drafted by Brazil and Switzerland that would have extended the cross-border mechanism for nine months, covering the winter and allowing aid agencies to better plan operations. All the other council members voted in favour apart from China, which abstained.

Billions of much-needed military aid, but there is a - and will continue to be - a HUGE need for humanitarian aid to help those now forces to rebuild their shattered lives. Mission Without Borders is in Ukraine and surrounding countries helping those working to rebuild their lives.