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- to open this weekend, with and support

From B.M.: "Posted the full piece on YouTube. Sort of a "day in the life of" segment with organizer of "protests" at Kerem Shalom Crossing, where they block aid to Gaza.
Disgusting piece, on public broadcast, romanticizing pro-starvation, government-backed, protests."

The full segment from a Channel 11 program:

Is European Union waking up

will open sea corridor to send from to amid fears

Commission president says pilot delivery is expected to set sail on Saturday but did not say where shipments would land or unload


Supplies to avert famine and disease are an issue the U.S. must demand of Israel, not request.

There will be a humanitarian corridor from to . This should enable the supply of aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
A test will first be carried out on Friday. The corridor should come into full operation on Saturday or Sunday.

The United States is planning to set up a temporary port on the coast of the Gaza Strip to ramp up the delivery of aid and ease the humanitarian crisis in the territory sparked by the Israel-Hamas war.

- US to set up temporary port on coast for delivery

People are feeding this movement, unwittingly or not.

"Hamas's Haniyeh: Donations to Palestinians, Gaza are 'financial jihad'"

Haniyeh: "We should hold on to the victory that took place on October 7 and build upon it."

Their "victory" was torture, rape and murder of people from all walks of life, many from other nations, in their homes and villages, or at an evening music festival.

Release the hostages!

The new facility, if opened as scheduled, could provide another way to get truckloads of into the region. But it would not solve the central problem that the trucks have been unable to deliver their goods while remains fierce in the South. Nor would it address the that accompanied the deliveries.

The project will take several wks, involving hundreds or thousands of on ships just off shore, in keeping w/ s mandate that no soldiers be on the ground inside as the conflict rages. Briefing reporters,admin ofcls said that the port would be constructed in cooperation w/other countries in the region, but it was unclear whether would be joining the effort.

will announce in his on Thurs that he is ordering the to build a floating off , in what the WH called an emergency mission that would allow hundreds of truckloads of additional to be delivered by sea to who are on the brink of .

Norway will allocate $153 million for a Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine. Norway is also joining the coalition to support Ukraine's air defense.

opposing to have directly hampered the for . Not only, they aid , but they hurt .

The opposition activists of are currently held outside the border, where the is preventing them from bringing in and food. If you've seen my earlier posts, 's army allowed plenty of fanatic Israeli to enter Gaza and seize/destroy aid that was there. But of course are just a few bad apples rather than systemic, right

on whether to sign .

warns could lose billions in .

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Within her circuit-laden gaze lies the birth of synthesized sentience, a fusion of human intuition and the precision of a binary world.

"He was 12 years-old". My heart broke into 1000 pieces with the last words of this hard-hitting report. It is clear why the administration are now virtue-signalling by talking of letting into : they know these images of children are about to flood screens. We all know that the US have funded & in spite of their gesturing, the US continue to sell arms to at the tune of $3.8bn/year, $14.5bn in Nov23 alone.

Experience the captivating artistry of Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue , in his masterpiece "COCKTAIL: THE CURE". This unique oil on canvas piece measures 48"x12" and was created in 2014. (lec907). Its vibrant colors and powerful imagery embody the relentless fight against diseases like cancer and aids. This work is currently part of a private collection in Paris. .

For over 2 million people, about 38,000 into by U.S. military in operation

U.S. military C-130 cargo planes dropped food in pallets over Gaza on Saturday in the opening stage of an emergency humanitarian assistance authorized by President after more than 100 starving Palestinians were killed in an aid convoy ambush by Israeli troops. Billions in aid for this continue to pour in from the .

Those who desire desire OPEC+.

At Cowfish Cafe and Nightclub in Eugene, Oregon () at Friday night (probably around 9 PM based on other parties they've had) April 5th, the proceeds will go towards two Palestinian organizations. Complete text is in the alt text. I forgot to post this when I saw it.

1/2 : Two different stories from . First that of , who you may know continue to occupy territories in the but now also took to disrupting the passage of into . These activists successfully walked into Gaza to seize aid and were not arrested, as the looked on. They even set up a symbolic settlement at the border entrance. Story via : Oren Ziv

In the lobby of the grand Biltmore Hotel in CoralGables, FL, where a sprawling new force in Washingtons ecosystem, the , was holding its winter conference, the fmr adviser was exultant.

Did you hear the War Room today was on fire! she said to a friend. She was referring to the podcast hosted by , who had been condemning senators for supporting billionsin to & earlier.

The hypocrisy: Israels greatest arms supplier drops food aid on Gaza Vox Political

Hypocritical murderous twats
Biden States Sivier Political

NPR: "In North Gaza, a local soup kitchen tries to compensate for hunger amid dwindling aid"

"Majority killed by stampede in Gaza aid convoy catastrophe, IDF probe finds"

"Our initial review has confirmed that no strike was carried out by the IDF towards the aid convoy, the IDF published in a statement.

U.S. air drops aid to Gaza

"At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you." Wolfgang Goethe

Those who ignore ignore foreign.

"IDF vows probe of deadly Gaza aid chaos, rejects claim it deliberately hurt civilians"

"Spokesman says military has all material needed to complete 'exhaustive investigation, and present findings dismisses as baseless accusations of intentional harm."

Source: Gaza Group


While Israel continues killing and destruction, Arab and Western allies help conceal their collective complicity and failure through farcical and meaningless aid airdrop shows, in ceaseless attempts to humiliate our steadfast people and invent methods of horror that push them into the trap of inevitable death in their quest for survival and being. Stop the starvation of northern Gaza and the farce of airdrops.

Source: Gaza Group

Many of those killed in stampede were shot by EU diplomats

Footage shows US planes flying by while conducting aid airdrop

"U.S. makes first airdrop in Gaza"

"U.S. military planes conducted their first airdrop of humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza on Saturday afternoon local time, U.S. and Israeli officials say.

A U.S. official told Axios he expect more airdrops to take place in the coming days."

The airdrops contribute to ongoing govt efforts to provide life-saving assistance to the people in , the stmnt said. We are conducting planning for potential follow-on airborne delivery missions.

3 cargo planes airdropped 66 pallets over SW Gaza, acc/to a US ofcl. The pallets contained 38k MREs.

The made its first of into on Sat in partnership w/ , as the admin tries to prevent a greater disaster amid frustration w/ .

US planes conducted the along w/the Jordanian Air Force, the US said in a stmnt on Sat.